Lil Wayne Hurt by ‘Last Rites’ Rumors, Says T.I.

“omg! Insider” correspondent Nina Parker sat down for an exclusive interview with rapper T.I. on Wednesday and he opened up about the hurtful and false reports that Lil Wayne was read his last rites after suffering from a seizure last week. No one from Lil Wayne’s camp has spoken out about his condition ... until now!

T.I. told “omg! Insider,” “I'm just about doing what's right and when you put things out of such a graphic nature that are inaccurate … I think you then put children, mothers, families through unnecessary grief.” The 32-year-old continued to put the rumors of Lil Wayne’s failing health to rest, saying that he was actually at the recovering rapper’s home Tuesday night!

Check out the vid to hear how T.I. and Lil Wayne spent their relaxed night at home.

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