Lance Bass to Judge 2013 ‘Miss America’ Pageant

Watch out Howard Stern … Lance Bass is making a play to be America's favorite judge of girls in bikinis.

The host of SiriusXM OutQ's "Dirty Pop With Lance Bass" announced on his show earlier this week that he's going to serve as a judge for the beauty competition.

"Howard Stern calls himself 'America's judge.' Well I'm 'Miss America's judge'!" Lance tells omg! exclusively. "Of course, my mom always told me not to judge but in this case, I'll be doing it for America!"

But before he made the big announcement, he had some fun with his co-hosts Drew "Drew Boo" Pokorny and Lisa "Giggles" Delcampo.

"Miss America this year is back in Atlantic City, and who is judging this year? It's hosted by Chris Harrison and Lara Spencer," Lance began. "Try to guess who is judging Miss America."

"Chris Kirkpatrick?" Drew asked.

Lance: No.

Drew: JC Chasez?

Lance: No.

Lisa: Joey Fatone?

Lance: No, but getting warmer.

Drew: Justin Timberlake?

Lance: No, but very close

All at once: Beyonce? Britney Spears? Aaron Carter?

Finally, Lisa chimed in with the right answer ... "Lance Bass?!"

"Yes!" the former *NSYNC member confirmed. "Lance Bass himself is judging the Miss America Pageant this year. This is something I’ve always wanted to freakin' do!"

"Are you sure it's not Chris Kirkpatrick?" Drew asked one more time.

Lance added that he'll be judging the finals only (not all of the rounds), which will air on Sunday, September 15, on ABC.

We can't wait! Let's hope he asks some tough geography questions during the question-and-answer round!

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