Kristen Bell Tweets Pic of Her Breast Pump Backstage at CMT Awards

The CMT Music Awards is one of Nashville's most glamorous nights, packed with beautiful people in beautiful gowns with beautiful … breast pumps.

Wait, what?

That's right, last night new mom Kristen Bell tweeted a pic from the event - of her elaborate breast pump system.

Regardless of how much (or little) time the "House of Lies" actress spent primping for the night, whatever she did definitely worked: She not only managed four outfit changes, but looked radiant in every one. From sexy black leather to glimmering gold, Bell proved that nothing looks better on her than motherhood.

Bell gave birth only two months ago to her daughter Lincoln, and seems to be taking her new role as a mom in stride. Back on April 27, she stepped out for the first time since having her baby and was already looking great.

She seems to really understand how to dress her body - even as she gets back into pre-baby shape. In fun, floral-print pants, an oversized chambray shirt and hi-top sneakers, she looked both casual and cool, and totally comfortable in her own skin. There are some other stars out there who could certainly benefit from tearing a page out of Bell's stylebook. (We're talking to you Kim Kardashian.) Just saying.

Beyond her wardrobe choices, however, the 32-year-old beauty seems to also be embracing the emotional demands of motherhood.

On Mother's Day, she tweeted a message of support to fellow women.

And she isn't afraid to share some of her more personal beliefs. One day last month when she was in a reflective mood, she took to Twitter to post some particularly profound thoughts.

While becoming a mom for the first time is a big change for any woman to tackle, something tells us this girl has everything under control.

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