Kris Jenner Wishes Bruce a Happy Anniversary Despite Separation

As if Kris and Bruce Jenner's separation needed to get stranger.

Monday marked the couple's 23rd wedding anniversary, prompting the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" matriarch to take to Twitter to publicly congratulate the former sports star on reaching the marital milestone.

She also posted an Instagram photo of them — in their younger, less cosmetically enhanced years — looking so happy together.

The obvious elephant in the room is that Kris and Bruce separated. In October. Yep, that was six months before this cheery anniversary shout-out.

The estranged spouses said at the time of their split announcement that they were "living separately and we are much happier this way." As the drama played out on TV this year their E! reality series, Bruce, who moved out of the family's Calabasas, California, compound to his Malibu home, said, "To be honest, I just don't see myself going back. We both seem to be doing better with our space."

However, the twosome — who are parents to daughters Kendall, 18, and Kylie, 16 — also vowed to remain "best friends" after their separation and they seem to be living up to their word. On Valentine's Day, they were spotted doing yoga together. Earlier this month, they were photographed holdings hands at LAX after a family trip to Thailand, which was taped for their E! reality series. And last week, when Kris was in the hospital for an undisclosed reason, Bruce was reportedly the one who brought her there.

We think it's safe to say that they — well, at least momager Kris — like to keep people guessing as to the status of things. Speculation will no doubt lead to increased ratings for the show... and for Kris, it's all about the bottom line.