Who Knew? Bishop Jones From ‘Preachers of L.A.’ Is Grace Jones’s Brother!

Who Knew? Bishop Jones From ‘Preachers of L.A.’ Is Grace Jones’s Brother!

Bishop Noel Jones is one of the breakout stars of Oxygen's "Preachers of L.A.," but did you know that he has a sister who is more famous than he is?

It turns out that Bishop Jones is the brother of none other than over-the-top '80s singer and actress Grace Jones. And in a recent interview with "omg! Insider's" Kevin Frazier, he opened up about some of his 65-year-old sister's most guarded secrets, including whether or not she might ever collaborate with Lady Gaga … someone who may have borrowed a few pointers from Grace.

"What's it like having a sister that was a game changer in the music business?" asked Frazier.

"Well ... let me tell you, and she might cut my throat for this, Lady Gaga loves Grace Jones and Lady Gaga would love to do a show with Grace Jones," revealed Bishop Jones. "I mean her managers call me all the time."

Though Grace had a beef with the "Do What U Want" singer, the women appeared to have buried the hatchet when they posed for a picture together in May.

So what exactly was Grace's problem with Gaga? Bishop Jones explained, "Grace was asked if she was approached about collaborating with Lady Gaga and she said, 'Yes, she did [approach me], but I said no. I just prefer to work with someone who is more original and someone who is not copying me actually."


Now that's a show we'd like to see.

"Grace is such a diva,"added the bishop. "When I say Grace is such a diva to her face, she grins because kids don't know Grace as they know Lady Gaga. If they [were to see] Grace and Lady Gaga [do] a show together, which Lady Gaga wants to do, Grace would now become relevant to a whole other generation."

But don't plan on that happening anytime soon.

"Grace is stubborn," noted Jones. "End of story. If Grace says that, we can just close a chapter on it because I have literally begged Grace to collaborate and work with Lady Gaga I mean. just do it, please. Like Sammy Davis Jr. with Chris Brown … please."

Bishop Jones went on to reminisce further about his big sister, who once starred as a Bond girl in 1985's "A View To a Kill." "Grace is unique and she has always been that way from a child. She was always who she is — separate from everybody else. And you know she thinks she is intellectually astute, cognitively genius ... you know she thinks highly of herself."

"But shouldn't she?" said Frazier. "She changed the world."

"She's a Jones," replied the bishop.

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