Keira Knightley Reveals Shocking Salary

Keira Knightley in Glamour (Tom Munro)
Keira Knightley in Glamour (Tom Munro)

Keira Knightley isn't your typical celebrity.

Despite being one of the richest U.K. stars under 30, the Begin Again actress reveals in the July issue of Glamour that she only gives herself a $50,000 salary.

"I think living an expensive lifestyle means you can't hang out with people who don't live that lifestyle," the 29-year-old explains. "It alienates you. Some of my best most hilarious times have been in the least luxurious places."

Keira Knightley covers Glamour (Tom Munro)
Keira Knightley covers Glamour (Tom Munro)

The modest number (for a movie star) is definitely surprising, considering the Sunday Times U.K. Rich List has estimated the Oscar-nominated actress's net worth to be around $50 million. Although Knightley has chosen smaller projects in recent years, don’t forget she already has a successful franchise (Pirates of the Caribbean) under her belt, and a lucrative endorsement deal (Chanel).

However, Knightley's salary cap isn't new.

In May 2013, the Daily Mail obtained documents that revealed Knightley paid herself around $50,000 the previous year despite her company Kck Boo Ltd earning about $2.5 million in film fees and commercial deals.

Though it might be hard to believe, the actress really does seem to enjoy simple pleasures. Case in point? Her intimate wedding to James Righton.

For the ceremony in the South of France, the bride recycled her wedding dress! Knightley rocked a strapless Chanel frock down the aisle that she originally wore to a pre-BAFTA party in 2008.

"It was my something old," Knightley later explained. "And I liked not making a big deal about it. I just wanted to be in something I had had a great time in, something I would have a great time in again.

"It's now got red wine spilled down the front," she laughed. "It's quite impressively splattered. But, hey, a good night is a good night and when a dress has had its time, maybe it's had its time. I'm pretty sure I can get it out but, if I can't, I'm happy with the memory of a good night and the story of how the dress got destroyed."

Keira Knightley… she's just like us. Except in much nicer clothes.