Keanu Reeves Keeps Calm During Home Invasion

Keanu Reeves woke up to an unpleasant surprise early Monday morning.

The John Wick actor investigated a sound he heard coming from his library around 5 a.m. and found a woman in her mid-40s sitting in his chair.

According to reports, Reeves calmly approached the woman who said she was there to meet him. Apparently, the 50-year-old actor spoke to her, kept his cool, and then called 911.

Police confirm the Hollywood division responded to the call. Once on the scene, they detained one female and determined she should be placed in a 5150 (involuntary psychiatric) hold. She was taken to a medical facility for further evaluation.

While no property was stolen, a trespass report was taken and the investigation is ongoing.

Keanu is hardly the first celebrity to deal with unwanted visitors. His Speed co-star, Sandra Bullock, recently came face to face with an intruder in her home who made his way to her bedroom door. Coincidentally, it happened the night she received Spike TV's Decade of Hotness Award at the Guys' Choice Awards where Reeves was one of her presenters.

TMZ reports that Keanu's home is "built like a fort," and would be difficult to break into; however, the actor supposedly forgot to set his alarm.