Katharine McPhee Chops Her Long Hair

Now that "Smash" is on hiatus, Katharine McPhee has shed a signature part of her Karen Cartwright look – her long locks!

The 29-year-old arrived in Los Angeles earlier this week looking quite different than her small screen persona. Her luscious long, chocolate brown tresses had been transformed into a blunt cut, chin-length bob.

Her hair color was also lighter than usual – an almost golden brown, sun-kissed tone.

Though, we should add, nowhere near the brassy blond look she once briefly attempted.

McPhee's trip to L.A. was a homecoming of sorts. The TV star returned to her, um, roots, appearing on "American Idol," the show that launched her career after she made it to the finals in 2006.

Rocking her new short 'do, which was styled with some curls, for her appearance, McPhee teamed up with OneRepublic to sing her song "If I Lose Myself.” If she looked comfortable singing alongside Ryan Tedder, she was. The OR frontman had a guest appearance on "Smash" last year.

Speaking of the series, which is a behind-the-scenes look at Broadway drama, its future hangs in the balance. The second season ratings are slumping, the show has been moved to Saturday nights, and its fate on the NBC slate is uncertain.

"It's sad," McPhee's co-star Debra Messing said in a recent interview with Parade. "I think that everyone involved in 'Smash' has loved the concept and the world that we've been playing in, and we all wish that it performed better than it has. But it's the business of television. It's erratic and it's something you can't control at all. We still don't know what's going to happen, but we're all really proud of it."

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