Kate Middleton’s Mom Just Did What?!

It's the Duchess of Cambridge's mother to the rescue!

Carole Middleton reunited a lost dog recently with its owner in her hometown of Berkshire, which is just west of London.

“I am so grateful,” Basia Hamilton told the U.K.'s Telegraph this week. “Our dog had disappeared and we didn’t know where it could be. Mrs. Middleton was driving in her car when she spotted a dog by the road. She got out and, when she saw from the collar that it was ours, brought it home. She is very kind.”

Hamilton is a royal portrait painter, and her husband, Ian, is a great nephew of Sir Winston Churchill’s friend General Sir Ian Hamilton. The couple lives near Kate Middleton's parents.

After Kate gives birth, she will reportedly spend her first six weeks of motherhood at her parents' home in the quaint village.

While Middleton's exact due date is being kept under wraps, the Telegraph also reports Carole is telling friends the royal baby will be a Leo. That would mean Prince William's son or daughter would be born between July 23 to Aug 22.

Let the countdown begin!

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