Kanye West Has Spent 18 Days With Kim Kardashian Since Announcing Pregnancy

When Kanye West announced that Kim Kardashian was his "baby mama" during a concert in Atlantic City on December 30, the usually-grumpy rapper seemed ecstatic.

The next day, the two cozied up at a Las Vegas nightclub, where the reality star was getting paid to ring in the New Year.

But in the three-plus months since, the parents-to-be have barely spent any time together.

By omg!'s calculations, they have spent about 18 days together … and the majority of that time was only because Kardashian traveled to where West was.

Throughout January, Kardashian and West spent time together in Paris, with her returning to Los Angeles and New York City for work. But in early February, the couple did steal away for a getaway to Rio de Janeiro for a few days of sun and fun. Afterwards, they headed home to L.A. for a doctor's appointment … with Kardashian's mom Kris Jenner and sister Khloe in tow.

But then it was back to Europe for West for more concerts in London, Paris, and Amsterdam through the rest of the month.

In early March, the then five-months-pregnant star made the trek back to France, where she joined her beau for one of his favorite events, Paris Fashion Week. After just a few days with West, once again, Kardashian was back on a plane home to L.A., while he remained overseas to work on his upcoming album.

And that's when all the tiring traveling finally caught up with her. On March 5, she was reportedly rushed to a local hospital after fearing there was something wrong with the baby. Although we can't say for sure that West did not drop everything and travel to L.A. to be with his ailing girlfriend, there were no photos of the publicity-loving couple and she did not mention anything on Twitter about being with him. On March 8, she updated her health status to her followers. "Thanks for all the well wishes, I'm doing fine! Just resting...have a good weekend."

After just a brief break from traveling, Kardashian jetted to Atlanta on March 16 for the premiere of "Temptation," and West reportedly snuck in to an afterparty to surprise her. The next day, she tweeted that she missed "my baby already," presumably West.

But she got to spend time with him again about two weeks later when, once again, Kardashian flew to France on March 30 … but three days later on April 2, she was back home in L.A.

And once again, West stayed behind in Europe, where he was spotted on April 3 partying in London with his girlfriend's brother, Rob.

Due in July, Kardashian is at the third trimester mark, which is when most doctors strongly discourage patients from traveling, so it will be interesting if we see her at an airport any time soon or if she'll remain in L.A. and nest as she counts down the days.

Let's just hope she’s not due near July 18 … because West has a scheduled concert in France on that day.

Do you think it's at all strange that West and Kardashian have spent so much time apart during her pregnancy? Do you think that will change or remain the same after the baby is born?

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