Justin Timberlake Reminisces About Living With Ryan Gosling: ‘We Were Crazy’

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall in the Timberlake/Gosling household back in the day.

Justin Timberlake talked about having Ryan Gosling as a roommate when he stopped by "The Jonathan Ross Show" recently on his promotional tour for his new album, "The 20/20 Experience."

"We lived together," the "Suit & Tie" singer said. "We were eleven, so we were partners in crime for a short amount of time."

Timberlake and Gosling were on the "The All New Mickey Mouse Club" together in the early-to-mid '90s.

"Aw, man, we were crazy," joked Timberlake. "We like, skipped tutoring. Going to the park, to the 'Honey I Shrunk The Kids' set. We'd have milkshakes. Oh, man, we were so gangster."

Timberlake now has a new partner in crime, hopefully for a long time.

The actor described that being married to Jessica Biel is "a great thing."

"We've been together for a while, but I have this theory about the whole thing that I don't think you should ever stop dating," he says. "To kind of keep that alive and fresh, that's what we're going to try to do."

Biel was on hand to support her hubby after his "Saturday Night Live" hosting duties, and the duo hit the afterparty together in New York City.

Next up, Timberlake will be performing at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. Come back here for all the scoop!

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