Justin Bieber Sued By Photog Over Gun-Related Spat

Justin Bieber's troubles have grown … significantly.

The 19-year-old drama magnet and one of his bodyguards have been hit with a lawsuit stemming from an incident with a photographer in Miami earlier this month.

In a legal papers filed in Miami-Dade County circuit court, Jeffrey Binion alleges that while he was photographing the teen singer on a sidewalk outside The Hit Factory recording studio on June5, Bieber ordered his four bodyguards to take the memory card from Binion’s camera. During the encounter, the photographer says he was thrown against a wall, grabbed by the throat, and — most shockingly — threatened with a holstered gun that Bieber’s heavy Hugo Hesny had under his shirt.

Binion claims to have been injured during the scuffle, during which Hesny raised his shirt to show him the weapon, and is suing to cover medical expenses and additional damages.

Russell S. Adler, the attorney for Binion, confirmed the lawsuit to omg! on Monday. He noted that his client is a 56-year-old professional photographer, not a celebrity paparazzo. Calling the way his client was treated by the pop star’s bodyguard "an outrage," he said of Bieber: "This guy has gone too far."

“Justin Bieber is now an adult, and he should act like one. He needs to learn that he cannot use bodyguards as weapons to harm innocent people," Adler said.

A rep for the Canadian crooner has not yet responded to omg!'s request for comment about the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, the Biebs is back in Los Angeles … and not exactly trying to keep a low profile. Not only has he annoyed his neighbors with his speeding through the gated community in which he resides, but now he has also annoyed staffers at the Hollywood nightclub Lure by trying to get in despite being underage.

E! News reports that the pop star sent his handlers to the club early Saturday to inform staffers that Bieber would be attending their Toxic Luau Beach Day later that day. The club management shot down the idea because the star isn't yet 21. However, Bieber boldly showed up anyway.

The person to actually thwart Bieber's party plan was none other than the rapper Game. He saw Selena Gomez's on-again/off-again boyfriend at the door and announced to the crowd that Bieber had arrived. Security then went over to Bieber and escorted him outside.

Bieber has been suffering from some major growing pains — as he seemed to acknowledge over the weekend with a photo. Taking to Instagram, he shared a snapshot from one of his concert stops which featured a single bra on the stage.

"I guess everyone grows up," he captioned the photo.

Consider Bieber has been struggling with an array of issues and incidents including driving drama, feuds with neighbors, abandoned monkeys, paparazzi squabbles, pot photos, and more, it seems that some actual growing up is in order.

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