Justin Bieber Responds to Attempted Robbery Claim: 'The Truth Will Set U Free'

Justin Bieber doesn't want you to believe the rumors.

One day after the 20-year-old singer was accused of attempted robbery in L.A., he posted a string of tweets proclaiming his innocence. A woman claimed that Bieber tried to take her phone from her during an altercation on Monday night at Sherman Oaks Castle Park in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley.

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On Wednesday morning, the Los Angeles Police Department issued a press release saying that the case remains under investigation with detectives conducting numerous interviews.

Taking Bieber's word for it becomes more and more difficult as he finds himself repeatedly in trouble with the law. He's facing charges stemming from his January arrest for DUI, resisting arrest without violence, and driving with an expired license in Miami. He's also still not cleared in the incident where he allegedly egged a neighbor's house during the same month. And let's not forget he faces an assault charge in Toronto for allegedly hitting a limousine driver back in December 2013.

This time, however, someone can vouch for him. A woman identified as an employee of the park called in to TMZ Live to reveal what she saw that night.

"He never reached into her pocket. He never reached in her bag. I mean, he never said anything about that," the employee said. "The security guards did say, 'Ma'am, just relax yourself. You're just being a little too aggressive around Justin Bieber. Because she was literally just trying to take pictures of him and Justin Bieber said, 'Just stop, stop.'"

The employee confirmed that the 13-year-old daughter of the woman with the cellphone was crying. "[It was] because she wanted a picture with Justin Bieber and Justin Bieber didn't want to at that moment," the employee said. "He didn't want pictures with anybody." When TMZ asked if Bieber was angry at all, the employee said he seemed only "a little upset," but he "never touched [the accuser], never reached into her bag, never nothing."

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