Justin Bieber Makes Late Return to London Stage After Fainting

There was no TGIF for Justin Bieber.

Friday began with a screaming match with a paparazzo outside his London hotel – during which his security guard had to physically restrain him as he yelled, “I’ll f**king beat the f**k out of you!” – and ended with his final concert at the O2 Arena … for which he was once again, late.

But luckily for his young fans, this time Bieber was only fashionably so.

Although the “Beauty and a Beat” singer was scheduled to hit the stage at 9 p.m., by six minutes after the hour, BBC 1 Radio disc jockey Scott Mills, who attended the concert, tweeted, “He's late. Again.” A few minutes later, he sent another update. “Come on bieber. We are on a countdown. 8 mins now. Snore.”

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Eventually, the pop star made it to the stage, and according to Mills, it was worth the (brief) wait. “Did an awesome show,” he tweeted nearly two hours later. “Whatever you think of him, he is a very good Popstar.”

Just 24 hours earlier, some had thought he might not be able to perform at all on Friday. During Thursday’s concert, he had to halt the show for 20 minutes after he suffered shortness of breath and fainted during his performance. After being administered oxygen backstage, Bieber continued the show, but did check into a hospital afterwards for observation. Still, he was well enough to tweet a shirtless photo of himself as he convalesced.

On Monday night, the first of his four-concert gig at the O2 Arena, Bieber reportedly had fans waiting for nearly two hours. And when he finally did hit the stage, the 19-year-old was met with boos from the fans who were still there. According to reports, many youngsters had already fallen asleep, while others were in tears because they had to go home since it was a school night.

While Bieber may be happy to leave the U.K., things aren’t going much better for him in the States. On Tuesday, his friend Lil Twist reportedly crashed the singer’s $100,000 Fisker Karma sports car into a cement pole at a liquor store in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley … and then fled the scene.

Maybe a break is in order for the Biebs?

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