Justin Bieber’s Former Hamster, Pac, Dies

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Justin Bieber's former furry friend, Pac, has gone to the great hamster wheel in the sky.

The one-time official mascot of the singer's "Believe" tour – until he controversially gave it away – has died.

Tori McClure, who has been "mommy" to Pac since Bieber handed her its cage outside his tour bus last December, announced that Pac had died of old age.

"They say PAC probably won't make it much longer. He's like an old man. My feelings couldn't be more hurt," she tweeted on Tuesday night. "But they also said 'on the bright side he got to live a healthy lavish life of a popstar, not many hamsters coulda been the Biebs' #feelings."

Bieber fanatic McClure, who hails from Alabama, posted a final photo of the critter, writing, "One final picture! He was OUR baby & @justinbieber I still can't thank u enough."

McClure, who received many condolences for the loss of her pet from Bieber nation (one of them said, "you were like justin's wife then had a kid [that was] a hamster"), also noted that she reached out to the star's management team to let them know that Pac had passed.

She also shared Pac's "funeral arrangements," writing, "He will be buried & have some little flowers."

Pac became the most famous hamster in the Twitterverse when Bieber debuted a photo of him last October. The adorable little rodent accompanied the star on tour – and became a popular topic for Bieber to Tweet about – until he randomly walked out of his tour bus, which was parked on an Atlanta street, and handed the cage with little Pac in it, to an elated McClure, who had been standing outside hoping to get a glimpse of the star.

While Bieber faced criticism for giving away his pet – after previously doing the same thing with a snake – it became clear that McClure was giving the hamster A-list treatment. And she became a mini celebrity in the Bieber universe, gaining nearly 30,000 Twitter followers, with whom she shared daily updates about Pac.

No word from Team Bieber about Pac's passing … but you may have heard he’s been kind of busy having the most terrible year ever.

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