Justin Bieber’s Former Pet Monkey Is Doing Just Fine Without Him, Thank You Very Much

Mally the monkey didn't need a millionaire owner in order to live the good life. He just needed some old fashioned TLC – and now he has it.

The young capuchin monkey, which Justin Bieber received as a 19th birthday gift and then abandoned in Germany after failing to produce the proper paperwork for the animal, has a new home. He was moved from a Munich shelter about six hours north to the Serengeti-Park in Hodenhagen. Currently in quarantine, he will be released in three weeks to join Germany's only white-headed capuchin family.

"We are very happy about the newcomer and would like to thank the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation for placing their trust in us," Dr Fabrizio Sepe, the managing director of the Serengeti-Park, said in a statement. "We are making all necessary preparations in order to ensure that Mally has the best possible transition to his new home and has no problems integrating with others of his species."

With Bieber just a distant memory, Mally's new family will be made up of three males and three females. One of the females, Molly, was born in February, making her about the same age.

"That works out well," Sepe continued. "We are convinced that the integration will go off without a hitch. In addition, Mally is from a totally different breed group. This diversification is a great advantage for the further development of our existing group of monkeys."

Photos of Mally at his new digs show that he has been settling in quite nicely … and he remains as adorable as ever, fitting in the hand of his keeper.

Meanwhile, Bieber spent time with his own family over the weekend. He has reunited with his father and younger step-siblings, Jazmyn and Jaxon. He took to Instagram to post photos of both little ones, including "Jazzy" after celebrating her birthday and Jax eating cotton candy.

Life goes on ... for everyone.

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