Justin Bieber Fans Attack Black Keys Drummer After Comments; The Biebs Himself Responds

Don’t mess with Beliebers.

The Black Keys’ drummer Patrick Carney learned that the hard way after he told TMZ that Justin Bieber didn’t need a Grammy “because he’s rich,” after his own band took home three awards on Sunday night.

“Grammys are for music, not for money,” Carney continued, as he exited the Chateau Marmont. “He’s making a lot … he should be happy.”

Apparently, Beiber wasn’t so happy though and on Tuesday the 18-year-old – who openly whined about not getting any nominations this year – tweeted, “The black keys drummer should be slapped around haha” … as if the “haha” made it ok.

Carney himself re-tweeted Bieber’s remark, along with a sad face emoticon, which his own followers RT’d over 1,200 times.

Before long, legions of Beliebers were tweeting Carney with things like, "HE NEEDS A PUNCH IN THE FACE WITH A BRICK," “I no longer like you nor do I like your band,” and “who are you? your a flop. Talking s**t about Justin ? LMAO . leave,” all of which the 32-year-old then retweeted.

For those Bieber fans who aren’t aware, The Black Keys have been nominated for 11 Grammys, six of which they have won … as for Bieber: he's got two nominations from 2011 and zero wins. Since 2010, The Black Keys have had five singles crack the Top 10. Oh, and their March 2012 concert at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, which holds 20,000 seats, sold out in 15 minutes.

Still, two things The Black Keys do not have -- washboard abs or $200,000 cars (to let their friends drive around).

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