Justin Bieber’s Cursed Cars Continue to Cut Close Corners With The Law

How can one little (and very expensive) car make such a big fuss?

Early Friday morning, Justin Bieber’s white Ferrari made headlines for the second time in less than 24 hours when it was pulled over on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood for its too-tinted windows – but, yet again, its famous owner was not behind the wheel.

Instead, a rapper named Lil Za, a friend of Bieber, was the driver, and he was handcuffed by police because he did not have a license. In video of the incident taken by TMZ, Lil Za is visibly angry as he’s being questioned by LAPD. As one officer leads the rapper to the back a squad car, a photographer asks, “Lil Twist, what happened?” to which Lil Za snaps, “I’m not f**king Lil Twist!” (Lil Twist is another rapper pal of Bieber who often borrows his car, but we’ll get to that later.) The officer then drives the 19-year-old (real name: Xavier Smith), who received a citation for not having his license, across the street, where a SUV is waiting for him.

On Thursday, TMZ reported that that same $200,000 Ferrari had spent some time in a Los Angeles-area repair shop after Lil Twist had bottomed it out while recently peeling out of the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. Although the hotel was not at fault for Bieber’s friend’s poor driving skills, it reportedly footed the nearly $10,000 bill (a rep for the Four Seasons claimed to have no knowledge of the incident when omg! asked) in order to maintain their “lucrative relationship” with the multi-millionaire singer.

The same Ferrari was also responsible for the death of a paparazzo on New Year’s Day when (once again) Lil Twist was behind the wheel. Police pulled over the wannabe rapper, 19, for speeding on the 405 freeway, and during the interrogation Chris Guerra, 29, was struck and killed by another motorist as he snapped photos of what he thought was Bieber in trouble with the law.

But Bieber, 18, was behind the wheel when the Ferrari was pulled over in November, after he made an unsafe left turn … not to mention his registration was expired.

And it’s not just his Ferrari that is causing so much trouble. Bieber’s chrome Fisker Karma, which was given to him by his manager Scooter Braun for his 18th birthday last March, has also grabbed its share of headlines.

Last July, he was pulled over in the $100,000 car – which he often lets friend Sean Kingston, 23, drive – along a Los Angeles freeway after getting into a high-speed chase with paparazzi. Bieber was cited for driving in a “reckless manner at speeds in excess of 65 mph,” said a police spokesperson, although witnesses clocked his speed at closer to 100 mph.

The “Beauty and a Beat” singer also caught the attention of the LAPD on two separate occasions in a third car, a custom Cadillac CTS-V, modified to look like the Batmobile. In a December 2011 incident, Bieber was pulled over for once again making an “unsafe left turn” at an intersection, although he only received a warning. Two months before that, he cut off a police cruiser while leading a three-car motorcade of his friends, including Kingston, and was once again only given a verbal slap on the wrist.

Long story short: Justin Bieber (or his friends) + really expensive cars = trouble on the road.

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