Justin Bieber: A Timeline of Trouble Leading Up to His Arrest

Justin Bieber's arrest early Thursday doesn't exactly come as a surprise to those who have been keeping up with the superstar as of late (or to those people who used to live next door to the Biebs).
Trouble has been brewing for the "Boyfriend" singer for about a year, really ever since he and Selena Gomez first broke up. From wild house parties, to club scuffles, drama has plagued the 19-year-old for months.
It all came to a head when Bieber was arrested for a DUI on Jan. 23 (he was also charged with resisting arrest without violence and driving with an expired driver's license).
Take a look at a timeline of Justin's troubles leading up to the arrest:

February 2013: Pictures are supposedly being shopped around of Justin, Lil Za, and Lil Twist surrounded by what allegedly appears to be sizzurp and blunts.

March 2013

: The month gets off to a bad start on the 1st when Justin celebrates his "worst birthday" ever. While ringing in the big 1-9, the singer and his entourage apparently get into it with security outside of a London nightclub when some of his underage friends are denied entry. Justin proceeds to show up hours late for his London concerts.
A week later, Justin collapses on stage and is taken to the hospital while performing at London's O2 Arena after experiencing breathing issues. The next day, he's photographed lashing out at the aggressive paparazzi.
While making headlines on the European leg of his "Believe" tour, Justin makes a quick trip to his home base in the States, which (surprise!) doesn't go well. One of Bieber's neighbors confronts him for driving recklessly around his gated Calabasas, California, neighborhood and for allowing his friends to supposedly throw ragers at the mansion when Justin is out of town. Bieber allegedly responds by spitting in the guy's face (although it's very he said-he said).
Unfortunately, the only one to feel the repercussions of Justin's antics this month is his pet monkey, Mally, who is detained after Justin attempts to bring the animal into Germany without the proper paperwork. He never picks Mally up (she is currently in a German zoo).
April 2013: Justin's tour bus is searched by Swedish police and turns up a small amount of marijuana and a stun gun. However, no one is charged as the bus is empty at the time of the raid.
May 2013: The damage to Justin's image is becoming more apparent. While accepting his Milestone Award at the Billboard Music Awards, the singer is loudly booed by the crowd. His only consolation? Things appear to be back on with Selena Gomez, as the two are spotted kissing backstage. Maybe that's why he stayed out of trouble for a few weeks?
July 2013Video footage surfaces showing Justin urinating in a mop bucket inside a New York City nightclub kitchen and yelling, "F--k Bill Clinton." The singer apologizes publicly, and to the former president as well.
Later, while hanging out with some buddies on the balcony of a hotel room in Toronto, he's photographed launching a big glob of spit down below to the street where fans are supposedly lined up. However, Bieber's camp claims the TMZ pics are "superimposed."

Justin's July concludes when U.S. Border Patrol confirms marijuana has been found on one of his tour buses when crossing from Canada to the United States. Fortunately, he's not present at the time.
August 2013: Bieber continues clubbing and a brawl ensues at a nightclub in the Hamptons. There are conflicting reports as to whether Justin is involved or if it's just members of his security team, but one man is treated at the hospital after the altercation takes place.
Justin closes out the month out as he started it … by getting into a scuffle at a Toronto nightclub. However, it's clear that Bieber is the one who is attacked by a partygoer.
October 2013: After a quiet September, Bieber is back in the headlines after supposedly assaulting a tour manager at a South Korea nightclub.
But Justin isn't only getting a reputation for late-night scuffles. He also starts venturing out to strip clubs, even "shocking" ladies at Club V in Texas with his raunchy behavior. When he's not making it rain, Justin also announces he's found a new hobby: graffiti.


November 2013

: While on tour in South America, the Biebs finds himself at the center of a sex scandal after a woman videotapes him after they allegedly spending the night together and releases the footage. Other highlights from the trip? He's an hour-and-a-half late to his own concert, is photographed leaving a brothel, is accused of illegally painting graffiti on a hotel wall, and storms off stage after being struck by a thrown water bottle during a concert in Rio de Janeiro.
Justin ends the month by getting detained in Australia when customs officials find weed on one of his entourage members. Reportedly, Bieber receives a warning for using "inappropriate language" towards officers while he is stopped.
December 2013: Back in the U.S., there is still trouble brewing inside Justin's Calabasas mansion. A female in her 20s passes out while partying with the pop star. Paramedics are called — then called off — by members of Justin's security team.
On Christmas, Justin ruins the merry holiday for his Beliebers by announcing he is "retiring."
January 2014: On Jan. 9, the singer is accused of throwing a total of about two-dozen eggs at his neighbor's house. Bieber is a suspect in the vandalism investigation filed by his neighbor, which authorities are treating as a misdemeanor vandalism incident. If the damage to the neighbor's home is deemed more extensive, the crime could be elevated to a felony.

Five days later, cops raid Justin's home over the egg attack. Eight people are detained, including Bieber, and during the search cops seize drugs (which are believed to be Molly, a form of Ecstasy) and arrest Justin's pal Lil Za. Clearly, that isn't a friendship deal breaker for Justin. He and Za spend MLK weekend skiing together in Colorado. Tabloids allege that those close to Bieber are urging him to go to rehab.

On Jan. 24, the law catches up to Justin as the singer is arrested in Miami Beach. The 19-year-old is driving a rented Lamborghini when he is pulled over at 4:09 a.m. ET for drag racing. When police perform a field sobriety test, Bieber fails and is arrested for DUI; he admits to smoking pot and taking prescription meds. He's also charged with resisting arrest without violence and driving with an expired driver's license. After spending a few hours in jail, the pop star is released on $2,500 bail and waves to his fans while sitting on top of an SUV.

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