2 Airplane Runways and a 16-Car Garage: Get a Load of John Travolta's Massive Florida Home

·Claudine Zap

John Travolta gives new meaning to the term "jetsetter."

The Pulp Fiction star — who is also a licensed pilot — opened his Ocala, Florida, home to Australia's Today show. The mansion, where he lives with wife Kelly Preston, comes complete with two runways for his private planes (parked right outside the house) and an eye-popping 16-car garage.

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"We designed the house for the jets and to have at our access the world at a moment's notice, and we've succeeded at that," the 60-year-old said.

John Travolta's Ocala, Florida, home (Splash News)
John Travolta's Ocala, Florida, home (Splash News)

Flanking the house are a Qantas 707 and a Challenger jet: Pilot John Travolta — complete with head-to-toe airline captain's uniform, thanks to his professional deal with Australian airline Quantas — is ready to go up, up, and away at any time… and he doesn't even have to step outside. The house also features canopied walkways to and from both cockpits.

Qantas Ambassador John Travolta in uniform (Getty Images)
Qantas Ambassador John Travolta in uniform (Getty Images)

"For the last 11 years, we've been able to globetrot for Qantas and movies," the actor, who's certified to fly different types of single and multiple-engined aircraft, explained. "I've been able to really operate out of this house for business and for personal reasons."

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In fact, the actor planned to fly himself to the Toronto International Film Festival to promote his latest project, Forger.

Noting that the plane theme is everywhere in his house, Travolta explained, "I was five years old when I fell in love with aviation. This is in my blood."

His relationship with Qantas started when Travolta procured his pilot's license and flew a Qantas 707 to Sydney to promote the 2001 movie Swordfish. The actor-turned-pilot seems to relish both professions. "Now I've made a profession out of flying as well as acting. At my age it's something to do when you're not working."