14 Unforgettable John Travolta Moves

It's no secret that John Travolta knows how to get down.

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The actor danced his way into pop culture history thanks to roles in movies such as "Saturday Night Fever," "Grease," and "Pulp Fiction," so what better way to celebrate his 60th birthday on February 18 than to look back at a few of the most memorable moves of his career.

1. Nobody struts the streets of NYC better than Travolta.

2. Who hasn't attempted a few of these iconic "Saturday Night Fever" moves on the dance floor?

3. You know you've done the Batusi (created for the "Batman" TV series) while out at the club just like Vincent Vega did in "Pulp Fiction."

4. Travolta's pelvic thrusts in "Grease" were quite memorable.

5. But he really perfected the move in "Perfect."

6. "Welcome Back Kotter's" Vinnie Barbarino was incredibly cute and could boogie down, too!

7. Yee-haw! Travolta also ruled the dance floor in "Urban Cowboy."

8. John made for a great babysitter/dance instructor in "Look Who's Talking."

9. His interpretive dance moves from "Michael" were supremely divine.

10. The actor was willing to dust off his old disco moves for an "Austin Powers" gag.

11. As we saw in the "Hairspray" reboot, Travolta can even shake it in a 30-pound fat suit.

12. He was born to hand jive.

13. John slowed things down in "A Love Song for Bobby Long."

14. Travolta picked up the pace in a 2013 ad for Ypióca, a Brazilian rum. Vamos!

Happy Birthday, John. Don't ever stop busting a move!

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