Joey Divorcing? More ‘N Sync Gigs? Fatone Takes on the Rumors!

Sorry ladies, Joey Fatone is not back on the market.

After a report surfaced Wednesday morning that Fatone, 36, has been having marital problems with wife Kelly Baldwin, the 'N Sync band member is now shooting down the speculation.

"Omg! Insider's" Keltie Knight was with Joey on Wednesday and he was quick to put the rumor mill to rest.

"We're still married … kids are great," Fatone tells Knight, adding that he and his family recently took a vacation together. "I'm deeply upset about that. We're fine."

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He adds that he believes the negative attention is due to all the recent media hype surrounding 'N Sync's reunion at the VMAs on Sunday night. "When you're on top, people try to knock you down," he adds. " Things start to get above, 'Let's make something up, let's screw with the media, let's throw things out there,' you know? And that's how it kind of went down."

As for Miley — the topic no one can stop talking about this week — Joey says that there's no truth to speculation that she was high during her racy performance at the VMAs. "[Although] people will say that she was on drugs … she looked fine to me."

And he would know. Joey was hanging out with his former "Hannah Montana" costar backstage before she took the stage for her controversial number.

Finally, although the rest of his fellow band members have all spoken about it already this week, Keltie just had to ask … does he think there's a chance that 'N Sync could tour again?

"That would be a huge negative at the moment because I've never — we've never talked about it, we never discussed it, never have, never did," Joey says.

"It's just more or less kind of doing something for [Justin], you know, like we said. We just wanted to get back together, everybody kind of agreed upon doing it and it wasn't like, 'Hey after this, were going to do this.' There was no discussion about that."

Joey is the last of the five members of 'N Sync to talk about the reunion. Lance Bass discussed it on his SiriusXM radio show "Dirty Pop with Lance Bass" on Monday. Chris Kirkpatrick told a Florida radio station that thanks to the reunion, "We remembered what we love about each other and what we hate about each other." And JC Chasez called into Ryan Seacrest's KISS-FM radio show on Monday, where he explained how the reunion was all Justin Timberlake's idea.

Timberlake himself called into L.A.'s 97.1 AMP radio Tuesday morning to talk about how he had doubts about whether or not he could even pull off his now infamous 15-minute performance. "I haven’t really performed like that in a while, so I think was nervous just to see if I could physically make it through it because up until that point, I hadn't really rehearsed the whole performance full out," Timberlake told AMP DJ Booker. "I was gassed."

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