Joe Manganiello on the Delicate Balance of Amazing Abs and Ice Cream Bars

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When you think of Joe Manganiello, ice cream certainly isn't one of the first things that comes to mind.

Known for his ripped stomach and buff arms, the star of TV's "True Blood" and movies like "Magic Mike" often strips down for his roles, which means sweets end up on a type of banned substance list.

But the 36-year-old loves ice cream ― so much so that he is starring in a mini-movie for Magnum to promote the line's new Gold?! flavor. The three-minute heist spot has hints of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," down to Brazilian actress Caroline Correa's resemblance to Angelina Jolie.

"When I'm not appearing naked or shirtless in various projects, when I'm not training that way, I get cheat meals," shares Manganiello, who works out twice a day five times a week when he's shooting his HBO series. "And I love to have ice cream ― especially Magnum Bars, which I became a big fan of from all my trips to Europe to do press over the past few years ― when I'm not training like that."

The Magnum movie, which he described as "play" and "just a good time" when it came to filming it in Los Angeles, also features designer Zac Posen, who designed Correa's dress, a $1.5 million, 24-carat gold couture gown with 10,000 hand embroidered gold sequins. Manganiello, who is outfitted in a tux ("professional criminal slash James Bond fashion" is how he describes the look) for the short, says he doesn't own any articles of clothing quite as pricy.

"The most expensive thing that own? Jeez ― I'd say probably a limited edition John Varvatos goat-skin jacket, something amazing that John made," he says.

Manganiello wears decidedly more informal outfits when he plays Alcide on HBO drama "True Blood," which returns to TV on June 16. In a trailer for Season 6 of the show, he's actually seen fiercely ripping off his shirt ... to the delight of the shows many fans.

"He's the packmaster now, so what you'll see this season are the trials and tribulations of running a pack of werewolves," Manganiello teases. "There are pluses and minuses to it. There are perks about the job that are really great, and then there are some things that are a real pain in Alcide's butt."

Something that's not a pain in the butt? The perks of being of celebrity. We wrapped up our chat asking about the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, native's beloved Steelers, who he grew up loving and now rubs elbows with whenever he visits his hometown.

"All the players are huge fans of the show and I've become very good friends with Thomas Tull, who is the CEO of Legendary Entertainment and also partial owner of the Steelers, so I have an open invitation to any game I want to go to," he reveals. "When we go, we do it right. They let me onto the field for players warm up and stuff. I know a lot of the guys now, I've hung out with them.

"So membership has its privileges," he adds.

Sure sounds like it!

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