Jimmy Kimmel Lands His Own Exclusive ‘Lance’ Interview

Oprah wasn’t the only one with a big Lance “get” on Thursday night!

ABC late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel had an exclusive Lance interview of his own – with a huge confession to boot. Kimmel got former *NSYNC band member Lance Bass to confess… to frosting his tips in the ‘90s!

“Lance agreed that there would be no conditions on this interview…. That this would be an open field. Is that correct?” Kimmel began.

“That’s correct,” answered the host of Sirius XM’s “Dirty Pop With Lance Bass,” who joined Kimmel live via Skype from his home across town in Burbank, California.

“For years you’ve been the subject of much speculation, accusation...” Kimmel began. “Would you like to take a moment right now in front of the whole world to set the record straight?”

“OK, Jimmy… here it goes…. For many years, throughout the ‘90’s… I… frosted my tips,” Bass replied, straight-faced, who went on to admit that band mate J.C. Chasez knew about Bass’ secret, although the others didn’t.

Kimmel then went on to convince the host and singer that, “America would hate you less, if you would cry.” Bass conceded.

omg! spoke exclusively with Bass about how the skit came about.

"Kimmel has become the alternative 'SNL' with his amazing comedy sketches. He asked me to do 'I'm F--king Ben Affleck' a while back and I fell in love with his show," Bass said.

"Now, when Jimmy calls you to do a sketch,you immediately say 'Yes' without even having to know what it's about. His writers are superb and so fun to work with. Thank you Lance Armstrong for sharing my name! Now hopefully Bass Pro Shops will do something stupid!"

Check out the hilarious bit below!

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