Jermaine Jackson on AEG Live Trial: ‘The Whole Thing Was Set Up’

Jermaine Jackson on AEG Live Trial: ‘The Whole Thing Was Set Up’

The Jackson brothers are not happy about the verdict following the five-month trial,where the estate of their late brother Michael went up against concert promoter AEG Live in court — and they're not holding back their opinions any longer.

"Omg! Insider" host Kevin Frazier sat down exclusively with the Jacksons before their performance Monday at the Ebony Power 100 Gala, where they spoke about the trial, Paris Jackson's health, their sister Janet's new marriage, their legacy, and more.

When asked by Frazier to explain their disappointment in the verdict, which ruled that AEG Live was not responsible for Michael Jackson's death, Jermaine said, "I felt that we were robbed because the whole thing was set up from the very beginning … This trial [is] not about money, it's not about any of that. We were looking for answers from this second trial … We're still mourning — that's why we're playing the music — but at the same time, I think the organization that Michael worked for … should be ashamed of themselves. How they treated my brother. How they treated him and his last moments. They should be ashamed."

Frazier also asked the brothers about their famous sister Janet's recent marriage to wealthy Qatari businessman Wissam Al Mana. "By the way, every time I sit down with Janet, I tease her about this. I always ask her, 'Why do you have to have secret weddings? Why can't you just have a wedding?'" Kevin noted. "She talked to me. She didn't want you there," Marlon joked. "I'm probably the only one that knew," Jermaine said, adding in jokingly himself, "I had a gut feeling. And I didn't tell you. Sorry."

As for Michael's daughter, Paris Jackson, who attempted suicide back in June, Marlon reported that "everyone's fine."

The brothers also opened up about the topic of preserving their family's musical legacy. "Music is in our blood," Jermaine said. "It's important we keep the family's legacy alive … that's very important, because we've built this legacy and now we have to keep it out there. To make sure people know why we're doing this, because we're meant to do this. With the message we've carried through our music, we're going to continue to keep the legacy up there."

"So, will everybody get together then?" Kevin asked.

"Yes," Tito said.

"Will there be that concert?"

"Yes," Marlon said.

"You're hearing it from us. Yes," added Jermaine.

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