Jeremy Bieber Responds to Son Justin's Arrest — So What's the Deal With Justin's Dad?

Justin Bieber is known for traveling with a large entourage.
And amongst his crew in Miami during his arrest Thursday was none other than his father, Jeremy Bieber.
On Friday morning, Jeremy, 38, broke his silence on the situation and tweeted in support of his international superstar son.


So what's up with Jeremy hanging as a member of Justin's crew in Miami? (Could Lil Za not make it?) Paparazzi pics surfaced Wednesday of the "Boyfriend" singer strolling along the beach with his dad. The duo reportedly cruised around Miami on Segways, and Jeremy reportedly was present at SET Nightclub in the hours preceding his son's suspicion of DUI arrest. According to TMZ, Bieber's father was even one of the people who blocked off the street so that his son could drag race.
Jeremy was also present at Justin's bond hearing, and according to several media outlets, the father-son team was back hanging together again Thursday evening. CBS Miami reporter Gaby Fleischman snapped this pic of what they claim is reportedly Jeremy and Justin Thursday night at a house they were renting together in Miami:

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Here's what we know about Jeremy. He and Bieber's mom, Pattie Mallette, brought Justin into the world and raised him in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, when he was just 19 years old (the same age Justin is now) and Pattie was 17. The couple had been dating for about four years during high school and they never married. They broke up when Justin was about 10 months old.

Pattie raised Justin primarily with help from her mom and stepfather. Jeremy was around during Justin's childhood though and had a strong relationship with his son. He went on to marry another woman, with whom he had two more children, Justin's half-siblings Jazymn, 5, and Jaxon, 4.

Jeremy taught his son to play the guitar and encouraged him to pursue music. Justin told Seventeen magazine a few years ago that his dad introduced him to harder rock sounds like Guns N' Roses. And we can definitely tell where Justin developed the habit of walking around shirtless from! Jeremy built a personal website 10 years ago, in which he posted a whole lot of shirtless photos and referred to himself as "Lord Rauhl."

Jeremy frequently jet sets around the world with his oldest child . A look at his Twitter shows that since 2014 began, he's already been in L.A., San Francisco, and Las Vegas, before meeting his son in Miami. And he's heavily tattooed, just like his little boy:

If Justin was indeed smoking marijuana while they were together on Thursday morning, Jeremy must be disappointed. Because in December, he tweeted this warning:

Last fall, TMZ reported that Justin reportedly bought a 5-bedroom log cabin style house in Canada for his dad and stepsiblings to live in. Price tag? $850,000!
Now that's the way to show some family love.