Jason Gould, Barbra Streisand’s Son, Steps Back Into the Public Spotlight

This fall has marked a big return to the public eye for Jason Gould. The only son of Barbra Streisand and actor Elliott Gould – who had fallen off the pop culture radar for a bit – has been quite busy recently, joining his very famous mother on stage to duet during her recent 10-city concert tour and firing up his own music career this fall with a new EP and a song on the soundtrack of the indie film remake of a holiday classic.

Gould, now 45, first stepped into the public eye as a film actor in his 20s when he appeared on the big screen in 1989’s “Say Anything,” and later alongside his mom in the 1991 film, “The Prince of Tides,” which she also co-produced and directed. After being outed by tabloid magazines in the early ‘90s, in 1997 he made a 30-minute short film called “Inside Out” (that he also wrote and directed), which was a part of the gay film series “Boys Life 3” and co-starred his father and half-brother, in addition to show business family royalty Alexis Arquette. The story was loosely based on his own journey as the gay son of famous celebrity parents.

Gould, who was very private about his personal life before the release of “Inside Out,” gave an extensive interview to The Advocate in 2001 in which he discussed how he had known he was gay since he was 8 years old and explained the sensitiveness he had around always being associated with his very famous mother. When asked if being aware that his mom was a gay icon had an impact on his experience later as a gay man, he replied, “I’m sure it has in many ways. At one point I was very uncomfortable with it. Now somebody can be a fan of hers and it’s not threatening to me. There was a time when I was uncomfortable and not sure whether people like me for me or liked me because they liked her. But that can be pretty transparent after about 10 minutes.”

This past October, Gould decided it was time to show off his musical side. The multi-talented artist put out his first EP, eponymously titled, featuring the song “How Deep Is The Ocean,” which he ended up performing on stage alongside his mom during all of the stops on her fall 2012 tour (Check out a snippet of their duet in Philadelphia, HERE).

Appearing on Katie Couric’s talk show, “Katie,” in September, Barbra coyly praised her son’s vocal talents. “And I tell you, when I heard the things he's recorded, the musicianship, the sound of his voice, it's like he has a little chamber music orchestra right in his vocal cords," she told the talk show host.

"I did not know if my knees would buckle. I did not know if I could do it," Gould recently told USA Today’s Bryan Alexander about appearing on stage with his very famous mother. "I didn't want to set this up. I learned I could do it. It's been weeks afterward, and I cannot believe I sang in front of thousands of people at the Hollywood Bowl. I don't know who that person is."

In addition to his EP and his mom’s tour, Gould’s most interesting project this fall might be the original song he sang for the soundtrack to the indie gay-themed film, “Scrooge & Marley.” Narrated by Judith Light, and starring David Pevsner, Tim Kazurinsky, Rusty Schwimmer, Bruce Vilanch, Megan Cavanagh, Ronnie Kroell and David Moretti, the film’s described as, “a modern-day variation on Charles Dickens’ classic story of the holidays, A Christmas Carol. Recounted from a gay sensibility, with heart, comedy and music, the magic of Dickens’ timeless tale of a man’s redemption at the holidays.”

Listen to a snippet of the song, HERE.

Tracy Baim, co-executive producer of “Scrooge & Marley” and Publisher of Chicago’s Windy City Times, tells omg! it was a thrill to have Gould sing the song for her film. “It came about because he’s friends with Marsha Malamet who wrote the song,” she shared. “Marsha, Liz Vidal, and Stephan Oberhoff were the songwriters. We commissioned the song with Marsha (she was recommended by our friend Ralph Lampkin) and she brought in the other writers. Jason was friends with Marsha and she suggested him and we were really excited about it. He was very generous in agreeing to do this just about as he was launching his EP and his tour with his mother.”

The song is a passionate coda to the film’s ending credits. “The movie ends with Scrooge finding love again and the song is about finding the hopefulness in life, rather than hopelessness,” Baim continues. “The song comes up at the end credits and is simply this amazing ballad.”

Since his mom’s flick, “The Guilt Trip,” comes out this Christmas, in which her fictional character takes a cross-country road trip with her son (played by Seth Rogen), both Streisand and her real-life son have new projects to promote. During his interview with USA Today, Gould made the comparison between his mom, and the character, Joyce, she plays in her latest movie, explaining, "My mother is a mensch… She's complex, probably much more than Joyce. But there's a lot of soul and heart. She's a sensitive person and a generous soul. There's a lot of love in there.”

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