January Jones Regrets Admitting She Ate Her Placenta

When January Jones revealed in an interview last year that she ate her own placenta following the birth of her son, headlines quickly followed, asking whether the “Mad Men” star had become a “Mad Mom.”

In a new interview with the 35-year-old actress, she now says she regrets ever speaking publicly about it – though she has no regrets about doing it.

“I should never have told anyone about that,” Jones says in the latest issue of Glamour U.K., referring to her March 2012 comments to People magazine, which sparked a controversy. “But it’s not gross or witch-crafty. Nor am I putting it in a shake or eating it raw.”

Indeed – you’ll never find paparazzi or Twitter photos of Jones digging into her placenta – which attaches the fetus to the uterine wall during pregnancy – along with a fine wine at her dinner table. It was actually dehydrated and put into capsule form. Many believe that the practice of ingesting the placenta helps curb postpartum depression because it is rich in nutrients. The practice has grown in recent years.

“It’s a very civilized thing that can help women with depression or fatigue,” says the single mom, who was back to work six weeks after giving birth to her son, Xander, in September 2011. “I was never depressed or sad or down after the baby was born, so I’d highly suggest it to any pregnant woman.”

One such pregnant woman who is eager to try it is Holly Madison.

“This might sound gross, but I'm totally planning on having my placenta turned into pills I can take after giving birth,” the former “Girls Next Door” star wrote Wednesday on her blog, where she also posted a photo of a jar of placenta pills. “I heard it helps women recover faster and I want to recover as quickly as I can!"

The model, who’s expecting with boyfriend Pasquale Rotella, will get the opportunity any day now. Her due date is March 5.

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