Jaden and Willow Smith: His 'Einstein Uniform' and Her 'High-Fashion Nomad' Style

Jaden and Willow Smith (GC Images)
Jaden and Willow Smith (GC Images)

They're baaack, older and wiser.

Not quite four months after their mind-blowing interview with the New York Times's T magazine, Jaden and Willow Smith have again offered more of their musings on, well, everything. The teenage offspring of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith talked to Billboard this time, which makes sense since both are musicians.

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And they did talk about music a little. Fourteen-year-old Willow, for instance, explained what moves her to write a song. "When the sun goes down, when the song comes up. When I'm in nature. When I'm just by myself and walking around and just looking at the world happening around me, those are the moments that really inspire me," she said. "Those moments where the mind is completely gone and you're just looking at the beauty of something. When I'm crying and I'm sad about something, I'll just sit there and be like: This is the beauty of life. When I'm happy and I'm joyful about something with my friends, I sit there and am like, this is the beauty of life. When I'm hurt and I'm crying I say yes, this is the beauty of life. Someone sent me down here to experience all of these things. So that's what really inspires me with my music."

Meanwhile, Jaden, 16, described his approach to song in a way that only he can. "Everything that I talk about in my music is pretty much just trying to evolve consciousness in the world and help everything become better and brighter," he told the mag. "I've never written out my lyrics before, I just go in and freestyle and say what's on the top of my mind."

Jaden's sense of style is different front the norm, too, in that he has an "Einstein uniform." "Einstein didn't really like to change clothes because he had too much other stuff to worry about and I'm the same," he said. "All black is pretty much my go-to look. If somebody is just wearing something for the blogs, that's really sad because they're not living for themselves, versus someone wearing a kimono who's having an awesome time. I really look to see, do you care more about what other people think, or are you having fun?"

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Willow, on the other hand, described the look she strives for as "high-fashion nomad." "I could literally climb a mountain and survive a couple nights in nature," she revealed. "That's a requirement for my clothes because one day I was on the freeway and I saw a mountain, so I literally just pulled over and climbed it. If you're an artist, the way you dress also gives people a vibe of how your music is and your personality."

This is the beauty of life.