Isabella Cruise Avoids Mom Nicole Kidman’s Style, Goes Full Punk Rock

Isabella Cruise continues to express herself through her hairstyles ― and, from the looks of things, she seems to have entered a punk phase.

The 20-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Nicole Kidman debuted a new 'do on Instagram this week. Now a blonde, her locks have been buzzed into a supershort crop along the back and sides with longer pieces in the front styled into a fauxhawk ― a look we've seen recently on both Charlize Theron and Miley Cyrus.

In other words, she's definitely not looking to take after her mom's sexy, feminine style.

The aspiring artist, who has been abroad in Europe, received many compliments from her followers for what one described as a "rad" new look, replying to them, "Awww thanks y'all." She also received praise for her style as she wore a sleeveless button-down shirt with funky collar tips in the pic.

While her famous father, 50, has rarely changed up his all-American look during his career and Kidman, 45, tends to be conservative, keeping her hair long and in the strawberry blond family, Bella ― who lived with her father after her parents divorced and took to calling Kidman "Nicole" instead of "Mom" ― has been in a true experimental phase. This year alone she's played with her hairstyle many times, detailing all her makeovers on social media.

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In January, when Bella attended her brother Connor's birthday bash in London, we noted that she had a "new copper-hued hairstyle" shaped in a bob. Soon after, she had her locks chopped into a pixie cut and dyed it pink, calling it her "fairy hair." Just weeks later she went blue, then purple, followed by dark brown, and now blond.

And her hair isn't the only thing about her that's edgy. She also has at least four different tattoos on her arms, ranging from a feather design to a French expression.

However, while Bella is clearly trying to blaze her own path, she hasn't forgotten where she came from. In between all her makeover pix, she posted this one — of herself as a sweet-faced little girl.

What do you think of Bella's latest look? Let us know.

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