Hugh Jackman Helps Makes Testicular Cancer Test a Twitter Trend

Oscar-nominated actor Hugh Jackman is lending his star power to the fight against testicular cancer via a viral Twitter campaign with a rather cheeky hashtag.

#FeelingNuts (get it?) seeks to urge men to perform self-exams on a regular basis in an effort to discover testicular cancer at its earliest stages.

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A fully-clothed Jackman, who's faced two bouts of skin cancer on his nose this year, posted a see-it-to-belierve-it slomotion Instagram video in which he checks himself while working out in a gym. (Note to the fellas: Most gyms may frown at this practice. Testicular exams are best done with a bit of privacy). "#feelingnuts in slomo! Raising awareness for testicular cancer. #youknowwhoyouare," he wrote with the video.

He also shared an image of himself joined by photographer Nigel Barker and two other pals... all checking themselves.

Hugh Jackman, Nigel Barker, and friends joining the #FeelingNuts testicular cancer awareness campaign (Instagram)
Hugh Jackman, Nigel Barker, and friends joining the #FeelingNuts testicular cancer awareness campaign (Instagram)

Kidding aside, testicular cancer is a deadly disease, especially when not detected early. It will claim the lives of about 380 men in 2014, according to Around 8,820 new cases will be diagnosed. If the disease is caught early, men have a relatively long life-expectancy.

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Which makes awareness and spreading the word so important. Jackman nominated Ricky Gervais, Neil Patrick Harris, and Michael Strahan to perform exams, ice bucket challenge-style. Gervais quickly responded, posting a photo flipping the bird at cancer. "I accept the @RealHughJackman #feelingnuts challenge for testicular cancer," he wrote, adding, "I nominate @WilliamShatner."

Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais

Shatner responded (sans picture) with a classy note:

Keep it up, guys. At this rate, there isn't a testicle in the world that will go unexamined.