Heidi Klum Shakes Up Jay Leno’s Desk

It’s nice when Jay Leno shows some concern, especially when it involves a pretty lady like Heidi Klum.

The supermodel appeared on “The Tonight Show” Wednesday night, and the host kindly inquired about her reportedly dancing on tables at Harvey Weinstein’s Golden Globes after party following a bet with “Castle” star Nathan Fillion. “Have you ever fallen trying to get on the table? Has that ever happened?”

“No, because I got skills,” declared the 39-year-old mother of four as she rose from her seat and hopped on Leno's desk in her black stiletto boots. “If you have a good person holding your hand,” she added, extending her arm for some support.

Thankfully, the band kicked it into high gear, playing Rihanna’s “Only Girl” so Klum could shake, rattle and sashay across the desk to show off those skills.

But “skills” isn’t exactly what we saw. Nope. Thanks to her sheer, revealing dress, all we saw were long legs that went on for miles.

Not that we were wondering what ex-husband Seal or current boyfriend Martin Kristen ever saw in her.

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