Harry Styles Nailed Below the Belt By Fan’s Flying Shoe… Again

Ouch! That looks like it hurt!

Harry Styles, the breakout heartthrob from British boy band One Direction, got nailed in his groin area when a teen fan threw her shoe out of her proclaimed desire to touch the star. The action all went down last night during the group’s show in Glasgow at the SECC Arena.

In the video, 14-year-old fan Jade Anderson first throws one of her shoes on stage… which lands on the ground in front of Taylor Swift’s ex. Then, when she throws her second shoe, it nails the poor kid right where it counts, as security looks about perplexed. Styles then bows over in pain and collapses on the floor. You’ve kinda gotta watch the video (embedded below) to appreciate it.

According to The Daily Mail, Harry may have brought on the attack himself. After the first shoe was thrown, he asks why he had only been given just one!

“Well, he has just been assaulted,” fellow singer Liam Payne seems to say.

Payne and bandmate Zayn Malik can then be seen rushing to help their fallen comrade. Fear not though 1D fans … Styles was fine. He even got up and continued the show.

Anderson later confessed online to being the culprit, even tweeting Styles an apology. She was kicked out of the concert by security, but was allowed back in later at the band’s behest.

And according to The Independent, this isn't the first time Styles has been nailed by a flying shoe. The same thing reportedly happened to him in Sydney back in April 2012.

There’s a Taylor Swift joke in here somewhere, but we're honestly so sick of talking about their relationship for longer than it ever lasted in the first place, that we’ll hold off.

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