All Hail King Justin! Bieber Gets Carried Up the Great Wall of China

Yes, this happened. While in China, Justin Bieber wanted to check out the Great Wall ... but, apparently, he didn't want to walk.

A photo surfaced on Twitter showing the teenage pop icon perched atop his bodyguards' shoulders as they carry him up the steep steps. In the shot, two bystanders can be seen looking down from above, seemingly stunned by the star's approach, not that we blame them.

"Justin being carried by his bodyguards up the Great Wall of China today in Beijing, China (September 30th, 2013)," the tweet, posted by @BelieveTUpdates, reads.

Perhaps even more surprising, however, is the fact that Bieber's fans don't seem very put off by his behavior.

"Only Justin would have somebody carry him up the Great Wall of China." @bieberandsupras tweeted. "Aw my baby boy."

And @MusicOfKidrauhl echoed this approval tweeting, "I still can't get over the fact hat Justin made his bodyguards carry him to the top o the great wall of China. He is lazy like me haha."

Not everyone thought the star's antics were amusing. "JUSTIN, DUDE, U ACTUALLY ASKED PEOPLE TO CARRY YOU? SOMEONE'S GOING A LITTLE DIVA I SEE," @ohkidrauhIfeels vented.

Another photo, shows Justin and his crew celebrating their arrival at the top of the wall. "We made it up top!! #GreatWall," @BelieveTUpdates shared. We have to admit, it doesn't seem like so much of an accomplishment for the Biebs considering he was carried. At least the bodyguards who made the trek with the teen on their shoulders are included in the pic (though they look a bit less enthused than their employer).

Of course, Bieber shared a more placid pic on his own account, showing a landscape view of the Wall, along with the decidedly more humble caption, "Wow blessed."

In addition to accompanying the star to the Great Wall, Bieber's security team also got to chase after him as he skateboarded around Beijing. Snapshots show Justin riding through the streets as two men (on foot) try to keep up.

"I find it funny that they have to run beside Justin to protect him haha," @KidrauhlsShovel shared on the social media site.

So while many of Bieber's fans might still be enjoying the star's antics in China, something tells us the guys on his security team aren't having all that much fun.