Gwyneth Paltrow Draws Outrage From Authors After ‘Highjacking’ Literary Event

Apparently Gwyneth Paltrow didn't make any new friends in the literary world over the weekend.

The "Iron Man" actress attended East Hampton Library’s 9th Annual Authors Night on Saturday to promote her cookbook "It's All Good," and the attention Gwyneth received upset a few of the authors in attendance.

Christina Oxenberg, who was there signing copies of her book "Life Is Short," was particularly upset by the A-list appearance and blogged about her experience being Gwyneth's neighbor for the evening.

"Due to the inflexibility of the alphabet I had the questionable good fortune to be seated directly beside Gwyneth Paltrow," she wrote, noting that a line began to form at their table … just not to see her. "The divinity in question arrived with hubby, children, and a couple of massive bodyguards. The worshippers blocked my view of the whole world, abusing my tiny territory upon which to abandon their trash or lean their sorry asses."

So what is one to do when you are upstaged by a health-conscience celebrity?

"I saw the food table, and suddenly I knew what needed doing. I made a plate of miniature sloppy hamburgers, stinky steak sandwiches, and the like and hauled it back to my piece of table," Oxenberg explained (Paltrow revealed earlier this year that she hasn't eaten red meat in 20 years).

"Gwyneth’s bodyguards blocked my re-entry despite my assurance I was a just an author and pointing at my name tag, 'No!' they growled, body blocking me," continued Oxenberg. "So I was forced to crawl under the table. And there I sat with my meat products, wafting the excellent smells toward my sleek vegan neighbor. She ignored the siren smells of protein."

Despite the traumatic experience, Oxenberg had enough fight in her left to try and work her book into the Paltrow-Martin household.

"No bites," she exclaimed.

However, Christina Oxenberg was not the only author upset by Paltrow's presence.

"Author's night at East Hampton Library highjacked by movie stars with ghost- written cookbooks," Jay McInerney tweeted, along with a link to Oxenberg's blog post.

It's probably safe to assume Oxenberg and McInerney won't be subscribing to Goop!

The New York Times has repeatedly accused Paltrow of collaborating with a ghostwriter on her cookbooks, but Gwyneth has denied the allegations. "Love @nytimes dining section but this weeks facts need checking," she tweeted in response. "No ghost writer on my cookbook, I wrote every word myself."

Paltrow is certainly no stranger to criticism. Her lavish lifestyle and out-of-touch comments have earned Gwyneth her fair share of haters over the years.

Somehow we bet Gwynnie is sipping on her daily glass of red wine in her Hamptons orchard not caring about the latest round of catty comments thrown her way.

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