Guess What Cover Kate Upton’s Gracing Now?

Kate Upton's status as reigning "It Girl" is more than secure, but if the model's latest magazine cover is any indication, her appeal knows no bounds.

The two-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model of the Year, who has posed for everything from GQ and Esquire to Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Vanity Fair, has added Golf Digest, to her ever-expanding resume.

Yes. Upton graces the cover of Golf Digest's December issue alongside golfing legend Arnold Palmer.

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The hook? She's a new golfer trying to become a very good golfer. The mag enlisted Palmer to help in that cause, and what resulted was a first-person retelling of the duo's day on the links, in which the pro (and lemonade/ice tea mix namesake) praises Upton for "the way she waggled the club," "eagle eyes," "strength, balance and flexibility," and her "aggressive swing."

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The feature reads like a first-time golfer's how-to, along with (sometimes cute, sometimes a little strange) photos that illustrate the points Palmer taught Kate while on the course.

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So, now that she's appeared in Golf Digest, what magazines are left for Upton to conquer? The covers of Mental Floss, Wired, and The Economist can't be too far off. Keep your eyes peeled!

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