Gobble Gobble! Which Celebs Were the Biggest Turkeys in 2013?

Here at omg!, it's our job to report on celebs day in and day out. And though some of the folks we cover make us groan a bit more than others — you know who we're talking about — we'd be out of business if stars didn't go crazy.

So in honor of Thanksgiving, we're paying tribute to the 13 Biggest Turkeys of 2013. From the ongoing shenanigans of Justin Bieber and his posse, to the racist comments made by a couple of "Big Brother" contestants this summer, join us as we binge on the worst celeb antics of the past year.

No. 1: Justin Bieber —

2013 will go down as the year Justin Bieber lost his innocence. We're not quite sure where to begin, but the Biebs was consistently making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

After breaking up with Selena Gomez in January, Justin seemed to spiral out of control from there on out. Whether terrorizing his neighbors in Calabasas, California, with his driving and raucous parties, lashing out at the paparazzi, getting into trouble at nightclubs on both sides of the pond, peeing in a restaurant bucket while cursing out a former U.S. president, abandoning his monkey in Germany, or reportedly getting caught in a Brazilian brothel and subsequently getting caught on tape by a woman who sort of claimed to have slept with him, Bieber just couldn't seem to make a good decision during his 19th year on the planet.

No. 2: Chris Brown —

A collective sigh of relief was exhaled when word got out in late October that Chris Brown had entered inpatient rehab for anger management following an incident where he allegedly attacked a man outside of the W Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Of course, the joy was short-lived, as he left rehab a mere two weeks later. The incident was one of many that contributed to 2013 being the "Fine China" singer's most tumultuous year since 2009 — you know, the year of "that incident" with ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

The past 11 months were filled with a series of PR catastrophes for Chris. In January, he was investigated for a possible assault on R&B singer Frank Ocean. And in February, the L.A. District Attorney accused Chris of faking his community service. In March, he released his new album, but also reportedly caused a scene at Pinz bowling alley in Studio City, California, later getting into an argument with a valet attendant over a $10 fee.

Then, in June, he had charges filed against him for an alleged hit-and-run incident that took place in May. In July, he had his probation revoked. (stemming from the Rihanna incident). However, the charges were later dismissed in August, and his probation was reinstated.

Also in August, he checked in and out of jail quickly over the hit-and-run, and announced to the world that he was probably going to quit making music. Then he was sued by Sha'kier Duarte, who claimed he was injured in the brawl involving Ocean. In November (while in rehab), Brown later countersued Duarte. (Got all that?)

We can only imagine what's in store for Chris in 2014. Perhaps we'll see him back in an orange vest cleaning up roadside trash as the judge that reinstated his probation also ordered him to finally redo his community service.

No. 3 (tie): Lil Twist and Lil Za —

Is it pure association with Justin Bieber that puts his two BFFs towards the top of our list? Arguably, yes … but they wouldn't have achieved this accolade without a bit of their own stupidity. Oh, Lil Twist … the Fisker Karma car brand thanks you for putting their name in the press more than any other time in recent memory — and for all the wrong reasons. Whether getting into wrecks or getting pulled over for speeding, you never ceased to disappoint. Early in the year, Twist was behind the wheel during an incident in which a paparazzo was killed trying to photograph who he thought was Bieber. And if you weren't the one driving, you were most certainly never far away if Bieber found himself in a sticky situation!

And you Lil Za — you were to Bieber's Ferrari what Twist was to the Fisker Karma. Whether getting pulled over for illegal tinted windows or illegal U-turns, you managed to make your fair share of headlines as well. Who really needs a driver's license anyways?

No. 4 (tie): Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman (from Season 15 of CBS's "Big Brother") — No year in recent memory was more exciting in the "Big Brother" house than 2013. And mostly, this was due to the racist antics of Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman.

Early in the show's run in July, Zimmerman, 32, referred to welfare as "N-word insurance" in a segment that aired online only. And then in reference to housemate Candice Stewart, Zimmerman said, "She's on the dark side, but she's already dark." As a result of her offensive comments, Zimmerman was fired from her job with East Coast USA Pageant, Inc. "We are actually thankful that this show let us see GinaMarie for who she truly is," a pageant official said. "We would never want her to be a role model to our future contestants."

Meanwhile, Gries, 22, shocked everyone with her ignorance when she achieved a racist and homophobic trifecta by insulting three minority groups in one fell swoop! "Be careful what you say in the dark, you might not be able to see the b---h," she said in reference to Zimmerman's statement about Stewart. "Shut up, go make some rice," she said to Asian contestant Helen Kim. And lastly, "Nobody is going to vote for whoever that queer puts up," she said about openly gay eventual Season 15 winner Andy Herren.

After she was voted out, Gries was booed — and given a sharp talking to by host Julie Chen — as she departed the house (it's kind of amazing she lasted until late August), and was shocked to learn that she too had been fired (by her modeling agency) for her behavior.

And perhaps what's most disappointing, is that Zimmerman and Gries weren't alone in their actions. Spencer called Andy a "f-g," and Kaitlin, David, Jeremy, and Amanda all made questionable remarks as well on the live feed.

Ah, the joys of reality television!

No. 5: Miley Cyrus —

While staying relatively quiet during the first half of the year, Cyrus came into our lives like a wrecking ball in August thanks to her twerk-seen-'round-the-world performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. (You know, that time when she grinded up on Robin Thicke and touched herself suggestively with a giant foam finger while dressed like a human teddy bear?) Three months later, people are still talking about it.

But leading up to her memorable "We Can't Stop"/"Blurred Lines" medley, there were signs that Miley was, ummm, undergoing a transformation, like the release in June of her music video for "We Can't Stop," which was filled with debauchery and not-so-veiled drug references. By the time her album "Bangerz" finally came out in October, Miley had officially finally broken up with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, and smashed every preconceived notion we had of her as a child star.

And there were plenty of people willing to offer unsolicited advice to the pop star about her behavior, like Sinead O'Connor (see below, in "Honorable Mentions") who got into a war of words with Cyrus. But, hey, sometimes taking your clothes off works.

No. 6: Alec Baldwin —

Maybe Alec needs to take a cue from Chris Brown and consider anger management rehab?

There's no target more sought after for reaction by the New York paparazzi than Mr. Baldwin, who seemed to be engaged in a new fight with photogs every time we turned around in 2013. There was the time in February when a New York Post reporter accused him of using racial slurs against him, and then in August he got into yet another altercation outside of his apartment. Everything came to a head in NYC a couple of weeks ago on the same day that his alleged stalker was sentenced to jail. It appears that the trial must have stressed Alec out, as he was accused of hurling homophobic insults at a paparazzo who according to the actor got too close to his family. As a result, he lost his show "Up Late" on MSNBC, which had already been suffering from low ratings in its just over a month on air.

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Most folks who have worked with and know Baldwin were quick to defend the actor as being far from homophobic, but this wasn't the first time this year that he insulted someone with a derogatory term for being gay. Back in June he referred to a reporter for the Daily Mail as a "toxic little queen," in response to an article about his wife allegedly tweeting during James Gandolfini's funeral.

At least there weren't any "Words With Friends" incidents this year!

#7: Farrah Abraham —

Let's face it: There's not a whole lot we haven't seen from "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham thanks to her "leaked sex tape" entitled "Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom" released by Vivid Entertainment in May. The 22-year-old mom of Sophia, 4, scored around $1 million for her work in the movie, which also starred porn star James Deen.

Naturally, her next step was to temporarily befriend Charlie Sheen, who abruptly ended their relationship after she leaked their shared sexts. She then spent the rest of the summer frolicking on the beach in skimpy bikinis for the paparazzi, even during a brief stint in rehab.

Abraham even made headlines for her complete lack of knowledge when it comes to current events. When asked about slain teen Trayvon Martin at the center of the George Zimmerman trial, Abraham responded: "I feel like I've met her or something. That sounds so familiar. I don't know what she is, I can't picture the person with the name right now." Ummm, OK.

Since her X-rated escapade she's snagged a solo spot on VH1's "Couple's Therapy" and is reportedly working on a new reality show. Better grab your blindfolds now, kids.

#8: Kris Jenner —

Almost every eye roll and every sigh that anyone has ever had in reference to the Kardashians is all due to one woman, Kris Jenner — and in more ways than one. The mother of not only Kim, Khloé, Kourtney, and Robert, but also Kendall and Kylie Jenner, is of course the manager of each, the one responsible for stamping their name on products ranging from coffee mugs to towels to necklaces and clothing … even books! This year, as usual, there has been plenty of drama to keep the matriarch's famous family in the headlines, from Kim and Kanye West welcoming baby North and getting engaged, to Khloé and Lamar's roller coaster marriage, to 18-year-ld Kendall sharing some seriously racy pics. But Kris also made some headlines herself.

Over the summer, the 58-year-old hosted a short-lived daytime talk show called "Kris," which welcomed none other than Kanye in its most (only?) anticipated episode (which also happened to be its last!). Not surprisingly, the grandma opted to make a play for ratings by having her future son-in-law debut the first public photo of the tot on her show. Then, in October, Kris and Bruce Jenner, who married in 1991, revealed that they'd been separated for a while but were still the best of friends. One month later, Kanye popped the question to Kris's most famous daughter.

This should all make for some really good upcoming episodes of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," but we're sure that Kris has already thought of that.

#9: Lamar Odom —

The year started out pleasantly enough for Khloé Kardashian's better half. The duo adopted a puppy in March, but by April the bad news started rolling in.

First, Odom's charity, Cathy's Kids, came under attack for reportedly contributing none of its funds to cancer research, which is supposedly its mission. When the 2012-13 basketball season ended, the L.A. Clippers forward became a free agent, and wasn't immediately signed by any of the league's teams. In July, he was caught on video attacking paparazzi. In August, days after Khloé appeared sans her wedding ring amidst reports of Lamar's infidelity, things took a dramatic turn for the worse when new reports surfaced alleging the basketballer was battling a severe drug problem and had actually gone missing. The same week, he was busted for a DUI at 3:54 a.m. in the San Fernando Valley after "driving in a serpentine manner, weaving all over the place," on California's 101 Freeway. On September 4, Odom checked into rehab and out again on September 5, and the following day his wife dropped her "Odom" surname on Twitter, which was followed by her Instagram handle.

Their 4th anniversary brought more drama, with reports that the two were living apart and Odom breaking his month's long silence, to tweet a scathing criticism of his father who had publicly blamed the Kardashians for his son's struggles. However, days after their big date, the duo was photographed together for the first time in months, and the "Keeping Up With the Kardashian's" star started sporting her wedding ring again. Here's hoping 2014 is better for Lamar!

#10: Kanye West —

Kanye West has a perpetual case of foot-in-mouth syndrome, and it's mostly for that reason he's on our list. In 2013, he proclaimed that he's a god, said his girlfriend Kim Kardashian is more influential than the First Lady, got into a mega-fight with Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter, and recently criticized Zappos.com CEO Tony Hsieh. Nobody is safe from Kanye's verbal vitriol!

And then there was Kanye vs. Los Angeles International Airport. Whether being criticized for receiving special treatment from airport employees or fighting with the lurking paparazzi twice in July, West reportedly even went so far as to stop using LAX.

We're still not sure how we feel about his over-the-top proposal last month to Kim Kardashian for which he rented out all of AT&T Park in San Francisco, but one thing's for sure — it was classic Kanye!

#11: Reese Witherspoon —

America's golden girl could do no wrong, until she uttered the words, "Do you know who I am?"

In May, the Academy Award winner and her husband, Jim Toth, were arrested in Atlanta, Georgia. Toth was arrested for DUI and the "Legally Blonde" actress got slapped with disorderly conduct after resisting the officer's instructions, and ranting that she was "an American citizen" and allowed to "stand on American ground" after the officer asked her to stay in her vehicle. She continued, "Do you know my name? You're about to find out who I am. You are going to be on national news."

The whole snafu was documented on the cop's dashboard camera and Witherspoon's mea culpa following the incident didn't earn her any brownie points since she just copped to having "one drink too many" and claimed she was "disrespectful and embarrassed by her behavior." In other words, she blamed the bottle for her bad manners. Tsk tsk, Reese.

However, she did get one thing right in her boozy speech: The story made national news!

#12: Miguel —

The year started out so well for R&B soul singer Miguel Pimentel, as he racked up five Grammy nominations (winning for Best R&B song) and wowed the crowd with a career-establishing performance of his breakthrough single "Adorn" with Wiz Khalifa at the actual ceremony. But then two awful incidents tainted the rest of his 2013.

First, there was the Billboard Music Awards in May, during which he accidentally kicked a fan in the head when he attempted a leap across the crowd in a stunt that producers reportedly warned him not to perform. (Miguel's publicist denied that this was the case.)

Then, in August, he was arrested for suspicion of DUI. Nothing cool about that. We hope that this very talented singer is able to make amends and get his career back on track in 2014.

#13 - Lindsay Lohan —

What's a list of celebrity turkeys without LiLo? We're actually rather proud of Lindsay for landing at the bottom of our list of 2013 turkeys. But that doesn't mean she didn't still have her fair share of dramatic moments. Of course, our dear starlet spent 90 days in court-ordered rehab over the summer — when she wasn't trying to transfer to other facilities. Heck, even Chaka Khanand Ben Affleck were dragged into the Lohan-in-rehab narrative. And one rumor had it that Lindsay wanted to open her own rehab center under her own name (take that Betty Ford Center!).

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And then, right after she left rehab, her latest film, "The Canyons," was released. (Lohan just happened to star opposite James Deen in the flick. See "Farrah Abraham" above.) This movie alone could have been enough to earn her a spot on our list this year. Although recent reports had her out partying in NYC with Miley, we have hope that 2014 will bring great things for Lindsay.

Honorable Mentions:

Sinéad O'Connor:

We hadn't heard a peep from "Nothing Compares 2 U" singer in ages, until she decided to weigh in on Miley Cyrus's racy performance at the MTV VMAs by writing not one, not two, but FIVE open letters to the pop star about the exploitation of female sexuality by the music industry, which even included a threat by O'Connor to sue the "Wrecking Ball" singer.

At first, the public seemed to be on Sinéad's side. But when the follow-ups just kept coming, it was Miley who seemed to have won in the court of public opinion. O'Connor made some great points, but didn't seem able to tell when enough was enough.

Robin Thicke:

Sure, he had the song of the summer with "Blurred Lines" and finally found mainstream success in 2013 after pounding the pavement in the music industry for well over a decade. But we couldn't help but be slightly annoyed by Robin Thicke this year for two specific reasons: How much he talked about his sex life with wife Paula Patton and how he told Oprah that he was simply "the twerkee" during his now infamous performance with Miley Cyrus at the MTV VMAs.

Maybe if Robin had taken more credit for the twerking act, his follow up single, "Give It 2 U," would have been more popular. Because sometimes, it takes two to twerk.

Geraldo Rivera:

Doesn't this pic just say it all?