It’s a Girl for Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan-Tatum!

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Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum have a new tiny dancer in the family!

With "Magic Mike" for a dad and a former *NSYNC and Janet Jackson backup dancer for a mom, how could the pair's brand new baby daughter not have moves?

The first-time parents — who wed in 2009 — brought their new bundle of joy into the world on May 30 in a non-traditional location: London! Jenna, 32, chose to join her hubby of three years across the pond where he's been shooting a new sci-fi flick, "Jupiter Ascending," making their daughter a little bit of a Brit.

But, when Channing, 33, talked to omg! just weeks before the birth, he said the pair still hadn't decided whether to make baby an official dual citizen of the U.S. and England.

"I've heard like 17 different things," he told us, admitting the citizenship process was a little confusing. "We just asked the hospital and they didn't even really know, so I don't know how we're ever going to know. If we ever really wanted to make her a citizen, we'd go figure it out."

The other thing the actor, who stars alongside Jamie Foxx in this summer's action thriller, "White House Down," was feeling a little befuddled about? Parenting!

When omg! asked him if playing a dad to actress Joey King in the film had prepped him for the real thing, Channing quipped: "Ah man, I don't think it prepared me at all — as much as I've been sort of slowly walking into this. It's crazy because I always imagined being a dad, but I never imagined the pregnancy part. This has definitely been a journey," he said before adding, "And even that being said, Jenna's had a pretty, fairly smooth pregnancy."

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However, Channing managed to master one daddy duty before the arrival of his little girl. He found a babysitter — and a role model.

"If my little baby comes out anything like Joey King, she will just be the coolest kid on the face of the earth because [Joey] is so talented that it's unreal. She's already offering to babysit."

As for Jenna, a source told Us Weekly just weeks before the birth that the mother-to-be, who met Channing on the set of their film "Step Up," couldn't be happier.

"Jenna knows just how lucky she is to have Channing at her side," said the source. "Her heart is filled with so much love. She and Channing are truly soul mates."

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