Gaby Hoffmann: Mel Gibson ‘Screamed at Me’

Gaby Hoffmann: Mel Gibson ‘Screamed at Me’

Gaby Hoffmann was only 11 years old when she worked with Mel Gibson on his directorial debut "The Man Without a Face," in 1993.

But 20 years later, the 31-year-old is opening up to HuffPost Live about working with controversial star, and admitting that it wasn’t the best experience.

"I think we can all agree that's going to be tough for anybody," she said. "He screamed at me. Oh, God, he really screamed at me. … He just started cursing and screaming at me."

Gaby also talked about the relationship between an actor and director, and admitted that there was one other man who wasn’t too fond of her early in her career. "You're either in it together, or you're not. And if you're not, it sucks," she explained, adding, “I don’t think John Hughes liked me.”

The former child star worked with Hughes in 1989 on the comedy “Uncle Buck.” While she might have had some tough experiences with male directors, things quickly changed when she worked with Nora Ephron on “Sleepless in Seattle.”

"I think I happened to work with sort of a bunch of slightly difficult male directors when I was a kid and then there was Nora who stood out like a shining golden goddess. I’ve since worked with lots of male directors that I love. So I no longer see the distinction gender-wise.”

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