How Gabourey Sidibe Pranked Jimmy Kimmel on His Wedding Day

We already knew Gabourey Sidibe was pretty awesome, but she just took her wow factor up a few hundred notches. Over the weekend, the 30-year-old Oscar-nominee landed a brand new role — as funniest wedding guest ever.

So, what did she do to earn this (obviously coveted) position?

She arrived at Jimmy Kimmel's nuptials dressed as a bride. Yes, you read that correctly. Clad in a flowing white gown complete with a veil and carrying a green parasol to block the sun, Sidibe made a grand entrance to the ceremony in Ojai, California. To complete her bridal look, she even had a friend holding her train as she exited her black Escalade limo and headed up the stone path.

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The "Precious" star did change into a more sensible ensemble consisting of a red dress and white flats for the actual event, so as to let McNearney be the center of attention — but something tells us she had already created quite a stir.

Not surprisingly, both the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host and his real bride, Molly McNearney (who probably has a pretty solid sense of humor herself considering she's the head writer on her husband's show) took the prank in stride.

Kimmel welcomed Sidibe with open arms and a wide smile during the lavish outdoor reception following the main event. For her part, McNearney looked radiant and relaxed on her big day. What's more, she seemed to laugh off Sidibe's little stunt, which, come to think of it, makes her pretty awesome as well.

Only time will tell if Gabourey can top this prank, but as of now one thing is for sure: Jimmy Kimmel is one lucky (funny) guy.

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