Fiskers, Ferraris, Lambos, and Leopard Spots: What’s the Deal With Justin Bieber’s Crazy Car Collection?!

Burning Question: I keep seeing Justin Bieber in a different car every week. Does he keep selling them or what? — Tom C.

No; apparently he's collecting them. Rich people tend to do that. Aerial shots of Bieber's driveways — he apparently has a few of those, too — have captured an array of autos ranging from merely tricked out to downright obscene.

To help answer your question, I turned to Ed Jones, Chief Editor at, a blog associated with the luxury car publication The DuPont Registry. Jones has been keeping track of 19-year-old Bieber's fleet of wheels. According to Jones, here is a list of Biebermobiles — or, at least, the ones worth mentioning; the singer either owns these currently, or has been seen tooling around in them in recent months.

A leopard-print Audi R8. Certainly not the spendiest of cars, with a price tag ranging from $114,900 to $170,545. But this one just might be the flashiest, given its animal-skin print. If you're curious about which car Bieber used to visit Miley Cyrus, wonder no further. That's the one above.

A Fisker Karma. Remember the chromed-out $97,000 electric luxury car (gifted by manager Scooter Braun) that was wrecked by Bieber's friend Lil Twist? Yep. This is the one. That accident may have spurred Bieber to limit Lil Twist's auto privileges to...

The singer's Range Rover. Bieber dropped $160,000 on the custom "Project Kahn" machine, which, according to my omg! colleagues, has a military theme with matte black paint and was hand-finished in Bradford, U.K. The sound system alone is worth something like $80,000.

A Porsche 997 Turbo ($182,000; not to be confused with his downscale 911, which can be had by mere mortals for 100K less). Top speed? According to Jones, it's around 198 miles per hour. That's fast, but not so fast as the…

Lamborghini Aventador, which, per Jones, costs more than $400,000 and can reach 217 miles per hour. This is the car that Bieber was seen driving in Dubai when he allegedly flagged six — six! — speed traps; Jones tells me he suspects that car was a rental and not a part of Bieber's permanent collection.

The Ferrari, or the other Ferrari. There are tales of Bieber driving an F430 ($200,000) and/or a 458 Italia ($230,000). One of these Ferraris was at the center of the recent Tyler-the-Creator did-he-didn't-he driving debacle.

The Batmobile. Well, not the genuine article, of course, but rather a blacked-out Cadillac CTSV with the same engine as a Corvette ZR-1. The word "Batmobile" is on the trunk, or, so I hear.

And what better to go with a Batmobile than a "Batbike." Bieber's dad gave him this tricked-out custom MV Agusta F3 675 sport bike for the singer's 19th birthday on March 1. There's a Bat symbol on the seat and a bunch of Bieber symbols all over, putting the pricetag over $25,000. It presumably is parked in the garage next to his $20,000 black-and-red Ducati.

We're guessing the Biebs used some of his leftover pocket change to spring for this Smart Car, or as it's literally branded, the "Swag Car." Fully loaded, this baby holds down the low end of his garage, with a sticker price of about $20,000.

So how does this collection rate overall?

"He definitely has a solid collection for an American celebrity [Bieber hails from Canada, but lives in L.A.]," Jones tells me. "I can't think of any others at his age that would top this."

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