Drew Barrymore’s Precious Home Video of Baby Olive

Get ready for a serious dose of cuteness!

Drew Barrymore stopped by "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on Thursday to talk about her new makeup line, Flower Cosmetics, but the doting mommy couldn't help herself from gushing about her adorable baby girl, Olive, instead.

During the funny chat, the 38-year-old actress shared a candid home video of her little bundle of joy giggling and playing with her grandma. Drew Barrymore said it was one of her daughter's first really big laughs. (And it just might have been the cutest thing we've ever seen!)

Although they were going goo-goo over the little one, Barrymore and Fallon still managed to make time to play some games of their own in during the interview.

Check out this vid to find out what else the dynamic duo had in store for us!

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