Drew Barrymore Reveals She Grew Goatee During Pregnancy

Motherhood can get a little hairy -- just ask Drew Barrymore.

The actress, producer, and amateur cosmetic maker recently admitted that facial fuzz was an unexpected side effect to her recent pregnancy.

"I got a wonderful little goatee -- and it was red! I also got hyperpigmentation on my cheeks," the actress revealed to In Touch Weekly.

So she sought microdermabrasion for her cheeks, and as for that 'stache? Cover-up.

"If I was going off to a desert island, concealer is the one thing I'd want to take. It's the only product that I couldn’t make it without!" she said.

Obviously, pregnancy affects much more than the face. And since Barrymore only gave birth to her daughter Olive with husband Will Kopelman in October, the mag had to ask her about her post-baby physique.

But while most celeb moms race to regain their original shapes, Barrymore isn't in competition with herself.

"I'd rather kill myself than get into a bikini right now!" she laughed, adding that "I take care myself. But I'm never going to be the person who talks about diet and exercise -- I would fail that conversation!"

We must commend Drew for focusing on Olive instead of her bikini bod -- as well as making time to cover up that red goatee!

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