Drew Barrymore Balances Parenthood, Marital Bliss, and Building an Empire

Is there anything Drew Barrymore can’t do? The 37-year-old actress has been one busy lady this past year, starting a wine label and launching her newest endeavor, her Flower Beauty cosmetics line with Walmart. Despite her hectic work life, she gushed to omg! that the best thing in her life right now is her 4-month old daughter, Olive, and her hot hubby of seven months, Will Kopelman. We caught up with the bubbly brunette to get the scoop on her life as a new mom and wife and her foray into the beauty industry.

How is it being a mom to Olive?
It’s the best, she’s the best. She’s almost four months.

Did Olive join you and Will here in NYC?
Yes. She’s here and she loves the stroller. We don’t do strollers in L.A., since we have cars. She loves it!

Even with a baby on board, you managed to sneak in a date night to the Knicks game. How do you balance mommy duties with keeping the spark alive?
You have to or you’ll lose sight of the person. You’re in it together. We’re parents first, but you try to remember to do date nights and keep it sexy and fun. [Will] sees me in frickin’ sweat pants and scrunchies six days a week. I need an excuse to pull it together for my man. I am like, “Oh, we’re going out? Got it! Give me 5 minutes.” That’s all it takes. I don’t have more than five minutes to get ready, but I try to impress him.

You’ve dabbled in many different things – wine, makeup, movies – what do you hope your daughter will do?
Whatever she does in life I will celebrate, as long as it doesn’t hurt another person. I want to teach her to care, and do your homework and research. Whatever you’re doing, be passionate and very studied about it. I think you do your best work if you really care about it and if you really know as much as you can about it.

Do you hope she’ll get into the makeup business?
I would love if my daughter was interested in working on this with me one day and if we could be lucky enough to keep going. One thing I love about makeup is legacy. I loved learning what I learned at CoverGirl and being a co-creative director. I got a college degree – I wanted to use it and go out in the world and do something with it.

What made you want to create your Flower Beauty cosmetics line with Walmart?
I wanted to curate a line that is for everybody. If you really love to play with color, we have insane colors. If you really love neutrals and you want to look your best and beautiful, we have those colors too. We tried to think about how to balance the two. As a woman, we’re not expressive every day of our lives. We really want to do just a few little things that make us feel our best so we can think about other things that are bigger and more important.

What do you love most about the new line?
I like that I can pull from the line and make a ‘90s look and I like that I can pull from the line and do a bright coral lip and a pale eye. I can do a smoky eye and a very pale lip that’s not “too blue” or “too nude” or “too dead.” Or with nail color, I wanted a pink nail that has a pop of color. I don’t want to get a manicure and think that it looks like I didn’t do anything.

Do you do your own makeup?
I do it every day. I’m lucky because all of my best friends are the best makeup artists in the world. I have learned a lot of stuff from them and seen a lot of tricks and copied things over the past 20 years. I’ve always been unafraid of being playful with it, and I see what they’re doing in fashion and on the runway. It makes me feel better about being bold because they’re doing it. I may look like a freak at a concert – I don’t care because I’d do it anyway – but they’re making it look cool on the runway and it makes me feel like, all right, I have a justification here.

What is your favorite personal beauty look?
I love neutrals and I love being a mom now. I am actually feeling like, how young can I look?

Barrymore’s line is now available nationwide. For more info, check out Walmart.com.

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