Does Lindsay Lohan Need More Money From Charlie Sheen?

The Bank of Charlie Sheen appears to be open for business again.

After gifting Lindsay Lohan with $100,000 to help pay off her massive $233,000 tax debt last fall and offering to “go halfsies” with her on a glitzy Fashion Week gown (which she later borrowed and then reportedly destroyed), the actor is once again depositing money into her account – but this time, at least she’s working for it!

On Monday, the same day it was reported that Lohan now also owes $56,717.90 to cover her 2011 taxes, reported that the actress would appear on Sheen’s FX comedy, “Anger Management,” for one episode airing in April.

And the role isn’t much of a stretch. According to the trade site, Lohan will play herself and she will develop a “romantic relationship with Sheen’s character after becoming his therapy patient.”

The two actors have played on-screen loves before already. Last September, they filmed a scene for the upcoming “Scary Movie 5,” in which they share a bed … and possibly more. In the original script, Lohan and Sheen were supposed to kiss three times, but she reportedly freaked out about the idea of locking lips with him even though they both signed releases denying they had any cold sores at the time. According to TMZ, a body double was eventually used for the intimate scene.

So, will Lohan perform her own stunts on “Anger Management”?

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