Does ‘Hangover’ Director Todd Phillips Take Credit for Bradley Cooper’s Success?

The Wolfpack may be saying their goodbyes as “The Hangover Part III” hits theaters this Friday, but the cast has formed bonds that they say will last for life.

Following an Oscar nomination this past year for "Silver Linings Playbook" as well as the "Hangover" franchise box office success under his belt, Bradley Cooper has officially made his way to the top of Hollywood’s A-List. So, does director Todd Phillips take credit for Cooper’s instant desirability?

“There are a lot of guys who believe in other guys, and that’s how I feel about [Bradley],” Phillips told omg! at Monday night’s premiere in in L.A.

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We reminded Phillips of a quote he gave back in 2009 in which he vowed that if Cooper changed his hair style, his career would skyrocket and he would finally become a leading man.

"I said to him in the early stages of filming the comedy, 'We're going to turn you into a leading man, but first we have to grow your hair,'" Phillips said then."Something about the long hair, it registers more pain. It's also his extraordinary acting ability."

Looking back, Phillips started laughing when reminiscing about the quote.

“No, no, it wasn’t me,” Phillips told omg!, once again refuting credit for Cooper’s success. “Bradley took the ball and ran it down the field. He is just so f--king talented.”

Ed Helms, who plays lovable dentist Stu, also raved about his co-star.

“He’s one of those guys, he just has it,” Helms told omg! at the premiere. “He does have nice locks, too.”

Cooper and his hair were in attendance for the final Samsung Galaxy sponsored soirée, where guests sipped on Red Bull Edition and champagne cocktails on Monday, and he was in good spirits mingling with the cast and crew for the final official time. “It’s definitely bittersweet,” Cooper said.

“The Hangover Part III” hits theaters this Thursday, May 23.

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