Did Tom Cruise Order Suri to Get a Body Double?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ 6-year-old daughter leads a more fabulous life then most, sure, but as for a new claim this week that claims Suri now has a body double to trick paparazzi – let’s just say, we’re highly skeptical of this reporting.

The New York Daily News reports the orders to get a decoy came from her “security obsessed superstar dad.”

“Tom wants the names of all the parents of the kids Suri plays with,” a source close to Holmes tells the publication. “He has to approve them before Suri can go to their houses or apartments alone. He has them investigated and he keeps a file on everyone. He is very cautious when it comes to her.”

However, a source close to the “Jack Reacher” star tells omg! the report is just “made up lies, as usual.”

The body double rumor got started when a girl wearing the same clothes as Holmes and Cruise’s daughter was spotted Friday afternoon entering the same eatery that Suri and her nanny arrived at ten minutes later.

Still, a source close to Holmes tells omg! that it was just Suri’s friend not a recently hired body double.

In other words, this report is completely untrue on both fronts!

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