Did Baby North West Appear on the Premiere of Kris Jenner’s Talk Show?

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Even before the show began, Kris Jenner was teasing fans.

One hour before airtime, a photo went up on "The Kris Jenner Show" Facebook page featuring of the host holding a dark-haired baby in a chenille blanket that looked suspiciously like it might be her new granddaughter. (That said, the baby's face was hidden from view … grr.)

The snapshot was captioned, "You never know who will stop by on our show today!" but there was no indication as to whether this bundle-of-joy was Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter, North West, or not.

And Kris wasn't going to answer that question right away. It was a trick to make people watch and find out, after all! Instead, she opened the show by introducing her "very handsome" co-host, Cameron Mathison.

As her daughters Kourtney and Khloé watched from the audience, Mrs. Jenner reminded everyone, "So, Kim just had her baby." Mathison jumped in and asked Kris how she managed to get her daughter to the hospital without anyone seeing.

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Kris then launched into an extended version of the story of little North's birth, which included a visit to the hospital suite by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. (Apparently, Kim had arranged for "Woz" to deliver Kanye's autographed Father's Day gift in person, but those plans were somewhat derailed when she went into labor early.)

Jenner did set the record straight on a few Kimye rumors, including the story that she won't let Kim leave the house until a baby photo deal is done and the story that Kim and Kanye are planning to get married in Egypt. Not surprisingly, she claims both are not true.

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Throughout the show, Kris continued to tease her audience with promises of a "surprise guest." That first turned out to be the Italian singing trio, Il Volo. The second was Kim's friend, belly dancer Mayte Garcia, who gave Kris and Cameron a quick dance lesson. The third surprise guest, however, was the newborn from the Facebook photo ... and it wasn't Baby Nori.

Instead, it was the baby of one of Jenner's staffers. Through a wide smile, Jenner explained, "Monica had to go to the bathroom, so I was just holding her baby for her." She then said that Kim has to introduce her baby "on her own time."

The host then sent the studio audience home with Mayte's new belly dance workout DVD, some lingerie, and a box of Twinkies, which is a pretty awesome combo, but pales in comparison to a first glimpse of baby North West.

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