Did Will.I.Am Upgrade His Wheels to the Tune of $900,000?

Will.I.Am has pimped his ride … again.

For the past year, the “Black Eyed Peas” founder has been rolling around Los Angeles in his tricked out white DeLorean coupe, worth an estimated $700,000, but photogs recently spotted him in a new futuristic set of wheels – and word on the street is that he’s scooped up another car with an even heftier price tag.

Although he has yet to confirm the news, sources told TMZ the new vehicle may have cost the pop star a pricey $900,000 and was designed by the boys at West Coast Customs, the same shop who created his beloved DeLorean and the masterminds behind “Pimp My Ride.” Sticker shock aside, the fully-loaded purple vehicle seems to be worth every penny, and features an aluminum interior, dashboard, and door panels, as well as bucket seats made specifically for high speed driving, and a hood similar to that of an old-school Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Perhaps his new ride will have upgraded security features, too. Let’s not forget, in August 2012, the 37-year-old was the victim of computer hacking after his DeLorean and its possessions — which included his laptop and hard drive with tracks from his new album — were stolen. The vehicle was recovered, but the tracks from “#Willpower,” which was set for release in October 2012, were leaked online.

“It pisses you off. You get your email address and then your password doesn’t work. And I’m like – what the f**k? They hacked me,” Will dished to omg! at an EKOCYCLE event. “It was upsetting because the stuff wasn’t finished. They still have my hard drive and I had to make new songs, because all the stuff I worked on is gone.”

Since the theft, “#Willpower” still doesn’t have a release date, but one thing is for sure: Angelinos better watch out because it looks like Will is ready to put the pedal to the metal.

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