ALF and Teddy Ruxpin Want You to Be Safe When You Fly

The '80s are back — in airline safety videos, that is. Delta unveiled its new informational video Wednesday, and the clip takes its inspiration from the decade of fingerless gloves, side ponytails, and the worm.

Set to a synthesized music track that could have been plucked from a John Hughes movie, the video almost makes us want to trade the airplane for a DeLorean and go back in time… or, at least, wiggle onto this flight.

We never knew so much awesomeness could be crammed into five minutes. Teddy Ruxpin reads a story. ALF learns how to use an oxygen mask. A guy with the world's fastest growing flat top drinks a Tab. But that's not the only hairstyle to get a shout out: There's a special lighted sign celebrating the mullet. (We only hope that placard exists on the actual Delta planes.)

While some of the passengers seem confused about the more modern conveniences on board — like Wifi, for example — the clashing of the old and the new is part of the fun. But of course, no airline safety video would be complete without information about floatation devices "Airplane!" star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Yep, he's in there too.

And, based on Twitter reactions, we're not the only ones who fell head over heels for Delta's tubular throwback.



But Delta's not the first company to capitalize on creative videos. Air New Zealand enlisted the casts of "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings," as well as famed adventurer Bear Grylls and comedy legend Betty White, for its A320 safety videos. (Sadly, Bear and Betty didn't work together, which seems like a missed opportunity to us.) And Virgin America released its "Safety Dance" video in 2013 which featured a musical montage that blended genres from Beyoncé-style belting to rap to electronic and beyond.

So remember; the next time you fly, make sure to bring your Rubik's cube… and leg warmers... and autograph book. Any questions?

See Kendall and Kylie Jenner audition to be in an airline safety video: